The Optical Networking and Communication
Conference & Exhibition

Moscone Center,
San Francisco, California, USA

Short Courses by Topic

Short Courses by Topic


  • Cancelled SC102: WDM in Long-haul Transmission Systems

    Neal S. Bergano; Retired, USA

  • SC105: Modulation Formats and Receiver Concepts for Optical Transmission Systems


    Peter Winzer, USA and Vivian Chen; Nokia Bell Labs, USA​

  • Cancelled SC114: Technologies and Applications for Passive Optical Networks (PONs)

    Yuanqiu Luo, Futurewei, USA​

  • SC160: Microwave Photonics

    Vince Urick; DARPA, USA​

  • SC177: High-speed Semiconductor Lasers and Modulators

    John Bowers; Univ. of California at Santa Barbara, USA

  • Cancelled SC178: Test and Measurement for Data Center/Short Reach Communications

    Greg D. Le Cheminant; Keysight Technologies, USA​

  • Cancelled SC203: 400 Gb/s and Beyond Transmission Systems, Design and Design Trade-offs


    Martin Birk, Benny Mikkelsen; AT&T Labs, Res., USA, Acacia Communications, USA​

  • SC205: Integrated Electronic Circuits for Fiber Optics

    Y. K. Chen; DARPA, USA

  • Cancelled SC208: Optical Fiber Design for Telecommunications and Specialty Applications

    David J. DiGiovanni; OFS Labs, USA

  • SC216: An Introduction to Optical Network Design and Planning

    Jane M. Simmons; Monarch Network Architects, USA

  • SC217: Applications of Radio-over-fiber Technologies Including Future 5G Networks

    Dalma Novak; Pharad, LLC., USA

  • Cancelled SC261: ROADM Technologies and Network Applications

    Thomas Strasser; Molex, USA

  • Cancelled SC267: Silicon Microphotonics: Technology Elements and the Roadmap to Implementation

    Lionel Kimerling; MIT, USA

  • Cancelled SC325: Highly Integrated Monolithic Photonic Integrated Circuits

    Chris Doerr; Acacia Communications, USA

  • Cancelled SC327: Modeling and Design of Long-haul Fiber-optic Communication Systems

    René-Jean Essiambre; Nokia Bell Labs, USA​

  • Cancelled SC328: New Developments in High-speed Optical Networking: OTN beyond 100G, 100G/200G/400G Ethernet, Flex Ethernet

    Stephen Trowbridge; Nokia, USA

  • Cancelled SC341: Multi-carrier Modulation and Superchannels for Terabit-class Transceivers


    Sander L. Jansen¹, Dirk van den Borne²; ¹ADVA Optical Networking, USA ²Juniper Networks, Germany

  • Cancelled SC347: Reliability and Qualification of Fiber-optic Components

    David Maack; Corning, USA

  • Cancelled SC357: Circuits and Equalization Methods for Coherent and Direct Detection Optical Links

    Alexander Rylyakov; Elenion, USA

  • Cancelled SC359: Datacenter Networking 101

    Hong Liu; Google, USA
    Ryohei Urata; Google, USA

  • Cancelled SC369: Hands-on: Test and Measurement for Signals with Complex Optical Modulation

    Bernd Nebendahl, Michael Koenigsmann; Keysight, Germany​

  • Cancelled SC384: Background Concepts of Optical Communication Systems

    Alan Willner; Univ. of Southern California, USA

  • SC390: Introduction to Forward Error Correction

    Frank Kschischang; Univ. of Toronto, Canada

  • Cancelled SC393: Digital Signal Processing for Coherent Optical Transceivers

    Chris Fludger; Infinera, Germany

  • Cancelled SC395: Modeling and Simulation of Optical Transmitter and Receiver Components

    Harald Rohde and Howard Wang; Elenion, Germany

  • Cancelled SC408: Space Division Multiplexing in Optical Fibers

    Roland Ryf; Nokia Bell Labs, USA

  • SC428: Link Design and Modeling for Intra Data Center Optical Interconnects

    Petar Pepeljugoski; IBM Research, USA

  • Cancelled SC429: Advances in Flexible Photonic Networks and Open Architectures

    David Boertjes; Ciena, Canada

  • SC431: Photonic Technologies in the Data Center

    Clint Schow; University of California, USA

  • SC432: Hands on: Silicon Photonics Component Design & Fabrication

    Lukas Chrostowski; University of British Columbia, Canada


  • Cancelled SC433: Introduction to Photodetectors and Optical Receivers

    Joe C. Campbell; University of Virginia, USA

  • SC443 : Optical Amplifiers: From Fundamental Principles to Technology Trends

    Michael Vasilyev, Lu Li; University of Texas at Arlington,USA ;
    SubCom, USA

  • Cancelled SC444 : Optical Communication Technologies for 5G Wireless

    Xiang Liu; Futurewei Technologies, Huawei R&D, USA​

  • Cancelled SC446: Hands-on: Characterization of Coherent Opto-electronic Subsystems

    Harald Rohde and Howard Wang; Elenion, Germany​

  • Cancelled SC447: The Life Cycle of an Optical Network: From Planning to Decommissioning

    Andrew Lord, British Telecom, Colchester, UK​

  • SC448: Software Defined Networking for Optical Networks: A Practical Introduction

    Ramon Casellas; CTTC, Spain

  • SC450: Design, Manufacturing, and Packaging of Opto-electronic Modules

    Peter O'Brien; Tyndall National Institute, Ireland and Yoichi Taira; IBM, Japan

  • SC451 : Optical Fiber Sensors

    Alexis Mendez, William Shroyer; MCH Engineering USA, SageRider, Inc., USA​

  • SC452 : FPGA Programming for Optical Subsystem Prototyping

    Noriaki Kaneda, Nokia Bell Labs, USA
    Robert Elschner, Fraunhofer HHI, Germany


  • Cancelled SC453A: Hands-on: Fiber Optic Handling, Measurements, and Component Testing

    Chris Heisler1, Steve Lane2, Steve Baldo3; 1OptoTest Corporation, USA; 2Data-Pixel, France; 3Seikoh Giken, USA

  • Cancelled SC453B : Hands-on: Fiber Optic Handling, Measurements, and Component Testing

    Chris Heisler1, Steve Lane2, Steve Baldo3; 1OptoTest Corporation, USA; 2Data-Pixel, France; 3Seikoh Giken, USA

  • Cancelled SC454 : Hands-on: Introduction to Silicon Photonics Circuit Design

    Wim Bogaerts; University of Ghent, Belgium​

  • Cancelled SC459: Multimode Photonic Devices, Components, and Characterization

    Nicolas Fontaine; Nokia Bell Labs, USA

  • SC460: Digital Coherent Optical System Performance Basics

    Maurice O'Sullivan, Ciena, Canada and John Cartledge, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

  • Cancelled SC461: High-capacity Data Center Interconnects

    Dirk van den Borne; Juniper Networks, Germany
    Sander L. Jansen; ADVA Optical Networking, Germany
    Mark Filer; Microsoft, USA

  • Cancelled SC462: Introduction to Pluggable Optics

    Sharon Hall, Lumentum, USA and Robert Blum, Intel Corp., USA

  • Cancelled SC463: Optical Transport SDN: Architectures, Applications, and Actual Implementations

    Achim Autenrieth, Jörg-Peter Elbers; ADVA Optical Networking SE, Germany

  • Cancelled SC464: SDN Inside and in between Data Centers

    David Maltz; Microsoft, USA

  • Cancelled SC465: Transmission Fiber and Cables

    Chris Towery, Corning Optical Communications, USA and Michael Ellwanger, Corning Optical Communications, USA

  • Cancelled SC468: Advanced FEC Techniques for Optical Communications

    Laurent Schmalen; Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany

  • Cancelled SC469: Hands-on: Laboratory Automation and Control Using Python (Beginner)

    Jochen Schröder, Chalmers University of Technology Sweden, Binbin Guan, Acacia Communications USA; Roland Ryf; Nokia Bell Labs, USA

  • Cancelled SC470: Secure Optical Communications

    Andrew Shields, Toshiba Research Labs, UK, Helmut Grießer, ADVA Optical Networking, Germany

  • SC472: Hands-on: Controlling and Monitoring Optical Network Equipment

    Ricard Vilalta and Noboru Yoshikane; CTTC, Spain, KDDI Research, Japan

  • Cancelled SC473: Photonic Switching Systems

    David Neilson; Nokia Bell Labs, USA; Benjamin Lee; IBM, USA

  • Cancelled SC483: Hands-on: Machine Learning in Optical Networks New

    Massimo Tornatore, Politecnico di Milano, Italy, Darko Zibar, DTU FOTONIK, Denmark

  • Cancelled SC484: Transport Evolution Due to Cloud Services and Network Resiliency New

    Loukas Paraschis, Infinera, USA​

  • Cancelled SC485: Advanced Fiber Access Networks New

    Cedric F. Lam and Shuang Yin, Google, USA

  • SC486: Optoelectronic Devices for LIDAR and High-BW or 3D Sensing New

     Martin Zirngibl, Krzysztof Szczerba, Anna Tatarczak; Finisar, USA

  • Cancelled SC487: Hands-On: Laboratory Automation and Control using Python (Advanced) New

    Jochen Schröder, Chalmers University of Technology Sweden, Nicolas Fontaine, Nokia Bell Labs USA, Binbin Guan, Acacia Communications USA

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