Open Networking Summit

Wednesday, 09 March 08:00 – 10:00

Open Optical Disaggregation: What the Heck is Going On?

Organizers: Dan Pitt, Palo Alto Innovation Advisors, USA; Stephan Pachnicke, Kiel University, Germany

Open disaggregation has revolutionized the world of servers (enabling hyperscale cloud computing) and is surging to upend switches and routers. Optical communication is next, at all distance scales. We have seen some success with initial efforts in OCP, TIP, MEF, and ONF but these are the tip of the iceberg. In this summit we delve into the most profound developments in open optical disaggregation as we hear from the leading disruptors along with the incumbents trying to smooth the transition.

Among the key topics to explore are where disaggregation is emerging in the most unexpected places, how disaggregation has boosted innovation due to unbundling, what the fundamental APIs and interfaces are and who defines them, and what challenges or unanticipated consequences inhibit the speed of disaggregation.

In both individual talks and a panel discussion we will hear from the leading voices in this transformational change to the optical communications industry. Ponder this: How will these developments affect your job in five years?

Andy Bechtolsheim, Arista Networks, USA
Robert Blum, Intel, USA
Eric Breverman, Google, USA
Ramon Casellas, CTTC, Spain
Ron Cok, X-Celeprint, USA
Jörg-Peter Elbers, ADVA, Germany
Andreas Gladisch, Deutsche Telekom, Germany
Karl May, Lumen Networks, USA
Yawei Yin, Microsoft, USA