The Optical Networking and Communication
Conference & Exhibition

Moscone Center,
San Francisco, California, USA

2020 OFC Demo Zone

Organizers: Filippo Cugini, CNIT, Italy; Josue Kuri, Google, USA; Hideaki Furukawa, NICT, Japan

The OFC Demo Zone features live demonstrations of research projects and proof-of-concept implementations in the space of optical communication devices, systems and networks.

Such demonstrations take place in a dedicated booth, and are shown to small groups favoring a very interactive format with real time exchanges between attendees and demo presenters. Demonstrations are typically executed on demand, and may involve a combination of on-site and remote equipment.

2020 Participants

M3Z.1 • OpenConfig-extension for VLAN-based End-to-end Network Slicing Over Optical Networks, Abubakar Siddique Muqaddas1, Alessio Giorgetti2, Rodrigo Stange Tessinari1, Thierno Diallo1, Andrea Sgambelluri2, Reza Nejabati1, Dimitra Simeonidou11Univ. of Bristol, UK; 2Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Italy. We demonstrate end-to-end VLAN-based network slicing over optical networks using ONOS, based on extended OpenConfig model for hybrid packet-optical terminal devices. Validation is performed by end-to-end interconnected VNFs supporting video streaming use case.

M3Z.2 • Demonstration of Precise Planning of Broadband Access Network based on Mining Traffic Trends and Demands from Hybrid Data Sources, Hui Li1, Xianyi Guo1, Tianshun Zhan1, Wu Jia2, Yudan Su2, Guangsheng Yang1, Jinglei Sun1, Yan Shao2, Yuefeng Ji3, Guangquan Wang21Beijing Laboratory of Advanced Information Networks, Beijing Univ. of Posts and Telecommunications, China; 2Network Technology Research Inst., China Unicom, China; 3State Key Laboratory of Information Photonics and Optical Communications, Beijing Univ. of Posts and Telecommunications, China. We demonstrate a carrying capability evaluation system, which can evaluate and predict the access network capacity and efficiency by extracting detail network status and trends from hybrid data sources based on machine learning.

M3Z.3 • All-optical Cross-connect Switch for Data Center Network Application, Kristif Prifti3, Rui Santos1, Jang-Uk Shin2, HongJu Kim4, Netsanet Tessema3, Ripalta Stabile3, Steven Kleijn1, Luc Augustin1, HyunDo Jung2, Sang-Ho Park2, Yongsoon Baek2, Sungkyu Hyun4, Nicola Calabretta31SMART Photonics, Netherlands; 2Department of Photonic-Wireless Convergence Component Research, ETRI, Korea (the Republic of); 3IPI Research Insititute, TU/e Eindhoven Univ. of Technology, Netherlands; 4R&D Center, Coweaver Co, Korea (the Republic of). We demonstrate a C-band optical cross-connect switch based on InP integrated photonics, butt-coupled to a silica PLC for facile optical alignment. The switch allows the development of low power, low latency and low-cost WDM-switches.

M3Z.4 • Automatic Resource Mapping Using Functional Block Based Disaggregation Model for ROADM Networks, Kiyo Ishii1, Sugang Xu2, Noboru Yoshikane5, Atsuko Takefusa3, Shigeyuki Yanagimachi4, Takeshi Hoshida6, Kohei Shiomoto7, Tomohiro Kudoh8, Takehiro Tsuritani9, Yoshinari Awaji2, Shu Namiki11AIST, Japan; 2NICT, Japan; 3NII, Japan; 4NEC Corporation, Japan; 5KDDI Research, Japan; 6Fujitsu Limited, Japan; 7Tokyo City Univ., Japan; 8The Univ. of Tokyo, Japan. Automated mapping of real hardware composition onto a ROADM-based model is demonstrated. The functional-block-based model precisely describing the physical layer structures can act as a hardware abstraction layer for more abstracted models like OpenROADM.

M3Z.5 • Demonstration of Extensible Threshold-Based Streaming Telemetry for Open DWDM Analytics and Verification, Abhinava Sadasivarao1, Loukas Paraschis11Infinera Corporation, USA. A novel and practical threshold-based extension of streaming telemetry that advances open WDM analytics and introduces network verification, is demonstrated employing an extensible NOS application agent combined with standard NETCONF/YANG and open-source software technologies.

M3Z.6 • Demonstration of Alarm Correlation in Partially Disaggregated Optical Networks, Quan Pham Van1, Victor López2, Arturo Mayoral López-de-Lerma2, Konrad Mrówka3, Rafal Mrówka3, Sebastian Auer4, Huu-Trung Thieu5, Quang-Huy Tran5, Dominique G. Verchere5, Gary Atkinson1, Achim Autenrieth3, Stephan Neidlinger3, Lubo Tancevski61ENSA Lab, Nokia Bell Labs, USA; 2Telefónica I+D/Global CTO, Spain; 3ADVA Optical Networking, Germany; 4ION BU, NOKIA, Switzerland; 5ENSA Lab, Nokia Bell Labs, France; 6ION BU, NOKIA, USA. We present and demonstrate the alarm correlation capability executed as an SDN application in an open, partially disaggregated multi-vendor optical network. This SDN application reconciles device alarms from Open Terminals with service alarms from an Open Line System controller to perform fault isolation, alarm correlation, and optical restoration.

M3Z.7 • Hands-on Demonstration of Open-Source Filterless-Aware Offline Planning and Analysis Tool for WDM Networks, Pablo Pavon Marino1,2, Miquel Garrich Alabarce1, Francisco Javier Moreno Muro1, Marco Quagliotti4, Emilio Riccardi4, Albert Rafel3, Andrew Lord31Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena, Spain; 2E-lighthouse Networks Solutions, Spain; 3British Telecom, UK; 4TIM-Telecom Italia, Italy. We demonstrate an open-source filterless-aware multilayer WDM-network planning tool, that allows hands-on creation of mixed filterless/ed topologies and the application of built-in or user-developed algorithms and analysis tools for line engineering, spectrum and cost planning.

M3Z.9 • Demonstration of Software-Defined Packet-Optical Network Emulation with Mininet-Optical and ONOS, Bob Lantz1,2, Alan A. Díaz Montiel3, Jiakai Yu1, Christian D. Rios1, Marco Ruffini3, Daniel C. Kilper11College of Optical Sciences, Univ. of Arizona, USA; 2Mininet Project, USA; 3CONNECT Centre, Trinity College, Ireland. We demonstrate practical software emulation of a software-defined, packet-optical network. Our emulator, Mininet-Optical, models the physical, data plane and control plane behavior, under control of the ONOS SDN controller.

M3Z.10 • Remote Control of a Robot Rover Combining 5G, AI, and GPU Image Processing at the Edge, Federico Civerchia1, Francesco Giannone1, Koteswararao Kondepu1, Piero Castoldi1,3, Luca Valcarenghi1, Andrea Bragagnini2, Fabrizio Gatti2, Antonia Napolitano21Scuola Superiore Sant Anna di Pisa, Italy; 2TIM, Italy; 3Department of Excellence in Robotics and A.I., Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Italy. The demo shows the effectiveness of a low latency remote control based on 5G and image processing at the edge exploiting artificial intelligence and GPUs to make a robot rover slalom between posts.

M3Z.11 • Experimental Demonstration of multiple Disaggregated OLTs running Virtualised Multi-Tenant DBA, over a Xeon Processor, Frank Slyne1, Marco Ruffini1, robin giller2, David Coyle2, Jasvinder Singh2, Rory Sexton2, Brendan Ryan2, Michael O'Hanlon21Trinity College Dublin, Ireland; 2Intel Corporation, Ireland. We demonstrate an Optical Line Terminal with fully softwarised data plane and virtual Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation in a sliceable, multi-tenant PON architecture. We evaluate performance results for 6 OLTs sharing the same general purpose processor.

M3Z.12 • Demonstration of Open and Disaggregated ROADM Networks Based on Augmented OpenConfig Data Model and Node Controller, Dou Liang1, Lei Wang1, Sai Chen3, Cheng Jingchi3, zhao sun1, ming xia4, huan zhang3, li xiao2, Xu Jian2, jiekui yu2, Chongjin Xie11Alibaba Group, China; 2Accelink Technologies Co. Ltd, China; 3Alibaba Group, China; 4Alibaba Group, USA. By augmenting OpenConfig data model of optical-wavelength-router, we demonstrate a ROADM network with disaggregated devices. Node level controller is implemented in our network management system with various operations on both degrees and media channels.

M3Z.13 • OpenROADM-controlled White Box encompassing Silicon Photonics Integrated Reconfigurable Switch Matrix, Andrea Sgambelluri1, Philippe Velha1, Claudio Jose Oton Nieto1, Alessio Giorgetti1, Antonio D'Errico2, Stefano Stracca2, Filippo Cugini31Scuola Superiore Sant Anna di Pisa, Italy; 2Ericsson, Italy; 3CNIT, Italy. A fully packaged photonic integrated switch matrix including 1398 circuit elements interconnected in a 3-D stack is controlled through OpenROADM NETCONF/YANG Agent and experimentally validated in an ONOS-based SDN testbed encompassing OpenConfig-driven 100G pol-mux transponders.

M3Z.14 • Demonstration of Alarm Knowledge Graph Construction for Fault Localization on ONOS-based SDON Platform, Zhuotong Li1, Yongli Zhao1, Yajie Li1, sabidur Rahman2, Ying Wang3, Xiaosong Yu1, Lizhong Zhang4, Guoli Feng4, Jie Zhang11BUPT, China; 2Univ. of California, USA; 3State Grid Information & Telecommunication Company, China; 4State Grid Ningxia Electric Power Co., Ltd. Information and Communication Company, China. We demonstrate construction of alarm knowledge graphs, which is helpful for fault localization in software defined optical networks (SDON). The demonstration shows the method of constructing alarm knowledge graphs on ONOS-based platform using knowledge extraction.

M3Z.15 • Disaggregated, Sliceable and Load-aware Optical Metro Access Network for 5G Applications and Service Distribution in Edge Computing, Bitao Pan1, Xuwei Xue1, Fu Wang1, Eduardo Magalhães1, Roberto Morro2, Emilio Riccardi2, Nicola Calabretta11Eindhoven Univ. of Technology, Netherlands; 2TIM, Italy. A disaggregated, sliceable metro-access ring with SDN control is demonstrated with the use case of service distribution in the edge computing nodes. Successful SDN controlled dynamic network slicing generation, load-aware bandwidth resources assignment is implemented.

M3Z.17 • Physical-Layer Awareness: GNPy and ONOS for End-to-End Circuits in Disaggregated Networks, Jan Kundrát1,2, Andrea Campanella4, Esther Lerouzic3, Alessio Ferrari5, Ondrej Havliš1,8, Michal Hazlinsky1, Gert Grammel6, Gabriele Galimberti7, Vittorio Curri51CESNET, Czechia; 2Telecom Infra Project, USA; 3Orange Labs, France; 4Open Networking Foundation, USA; 5Politecnico di Torino, Italy; 6Juniper Networks, Germany; 7Cisco Photonics, Italy; 8Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication, Brno Univ. of Technology, Czechia. This demo shows the automatic end-to-end path provisioning over a multi-vendor fully disaggregated Open Line System by Czech Light using the GNPy QoT estimator and Cassini transceiver by the Telecom Infra Project integrated with ONOS.

M3Z.18 • Flexible Optical Network Enabled Proactive Cross-layer Restructuring for 5G/B5G Backhaul Network with Machine Learning Engine, Rentao Gu1, Yongyao Qu1, Meng Lian1, Hongbiao Li2, Zihao Wang1, Yinan Zhu2, Qize Guo1, Jianjun Yang3, Dajiang Wang2, Yuefeng Ji11Beijing Univ. of Posts and Telecomm, China; 2ZTE Corporation, China; 3China United Network Communications Co. Ltd., China. It demonstrates a flexible optical network enabled “Network Restructuring as Traffic Changes” for 5G/B5G backhaul network, which realizes proactive cross-layer network generation and mitigation based network recovery, powered by cognitive enhancement and decision deduction.

M3Z.19 • Demonstration of Monitoring and Data Analytics-triggered Reconfiguration in Partially Disaggregated Optical Networks, Lluis Gifre Renom1, Fabien Boitier1, Camille Delezoide1, Marc Ruiz2, Marta Buffa3, Annalisa Morea3, Ramon Casellas4, Luis Velasco2, Patricia Layec11Nokia Bell Labs, France; 2Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Spain; 3Nokia, Italy; 4Centre Tecnològic Telecomunicacions Catalunya (CTTC), Spain. We demonstrate a novel agent for optical disaggregated optical networks. When the Monitoring and Data Analytics detects a degradation, it recommends the SDN controller to trigger a network reconfiguration computed by a novel planning tool.

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