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2020 Panels

The panels provide an interactive learning environment and are open to all conference registrants. Similar to invited and tutorial speakers, panel topics and organizers are chosen through a highly selective nominations process.

As we Approach Shannon Limit, How do we Precisely Assess the Performance of Coherent Transponders for Field Deployment?
Organizers: Steve Grubb, Facebook Inc., USA; Georg Mohs, TE SubCom, USA; Priyanth Mehta, Ciena, Canada

Automotive Communications and Technologies for 10G and Beyond
Organizers: Dan Sadot, Ben Gurion Univ. of the Negev, Israel; Yuqing Jiao, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, Netherlands; Yi Cai, ZTE Optics Lab, USA

Devices and Systems at 130 Gbaud and Above: What is the Outlook?
Organizers: Kenneth Jackson, Sumitomo Electric Device Innovations, USA; Argishti Nelikyan, Nokia Bell Labs, USA; Hongbin Zhang, Acacia Communications, USA


How Can Machine Learning or, More Broadly, Artificial Intelligence Help Improve Optical Networks?
Organizer: Rene Schmogrow, Google, USA


Is It Time to Shift the Research Paradigm in Access Networks from a Focus on More Capacity?
Organizers: Derek Nesset, Huawei Technologies R&D, Germany; Liang Du, Google, USA; Junwen Zhang, Cablelabs, USA

Pluggable Coherent Optics for Short-Haul/Edge Applications and Beyond
Organizers: Xiaoxia Wu, SpaceX, USA; Rene Marcel Schmogrow, Google, USA; Xi (Vivian) Chen, Nokia Bell Labs, USA


Pros and Cons of Low-margin Optical Networks
Organizers: Yvan Pointurier, Nokia Corp., France; Sorin Tibuleac, ADVA Optical Networking AG, USA; Martin Birk, AT&T Labs, USA


Will SDM Truly Revolutionize the Submarine Communication Industry?
Organizers: Pascal Pecci, ASN, France; Valey Kamalov, Google, USA; Mei Du, Tata Communications, USA


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