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San Diego Convention Center,
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SC347 - Reliability and Qualification of Fiber-optic Components

Monday, 09 March
13:30 - 17:30

Short Course Level: Beginner


David Maack; Corning, USA

Short Course Description:

Reliability and qualification of photonic components are two of the most important requirements for our modern telecommunication systems.  They are one of a customer’s first areas of intensive inquiry for a new supplier and potentially some of the biggest problems in deployed systems.  An unreliable sub-component can bring down entire systems and, in the worst scenario, force recalls costing thousands of times the original components price.  This can also lead to substantial financial liabilities and highly strained customer-vendor relationships.

This course is a rewrite of prior courses on these subjects by this author in response to a maturing technology, a changing business environment and specific requests by former attendees.  The new course will provide a similar body of knowledge, but concentrate more on an expanded view of reliability, less on the mechanics of qualification and attempt to give the attendee a more intuitive understand of both subjects.  There will be a higher focus on the methodologies of both for various families of components, some discussions on failure analysis and its tools, helpful charts and rules of thumb, differences between the two.

Short Course Benefits:

This course will enable the attendee to:

  • Learn the importance, tools, methodologies, mathematics and benefits of reliability programs.
  • Understand the requirements, tests, benefits and limitations of qualification programs.
  • Learn the strategic and tactical differences between qualification testing and reliability modeling.
  • Review the multitude of roles, contributions, tools and functions of a reliability group.
  • Discuss and learn what constitutes a complete qualification program and get the author’s interpretation of the “letter of the law” for the most popular standards.
  • See charts comparing different qualification standards.
  • Determine why and when reliability testing and modeling needs to be done.
  • Understand the limitation of both reliability modeling and qualification testing.
  • Learn how to establish appropriate reliability tests and gather meaningful data.
  • Learn the ways to calculate the reliability of a device using accelerated testing data.
  • Find information on standards, components, reliability software and other reference materials.
Short Course Audience:

This course is intended for a general audience including non-technical persons with no particular background except an interest in or need for knowledge of reliability and qualification of photonic components.  It is meant to impart valuable information to audiences of all levels.

Instructor Biography:

David Maack has 40 years of technical and management experience in photonics with the last 16 years in qualification and reliability of passive and active photonic components. Currently, he is the reliability manager for the Components and Systems Group at Corning, Inc. in Corning, NY.  He is the past chairman of the IEC TC86B Working Group 5 writing standards for passive fiber optic components, has participated in multiple Telcordia GR rewrites, and is the author of numerous papers.  He a bachelor's degree in physics, a bachelor's degree in nuclear science and a master's degree in business administration.

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