The Optical Networking and Communication
Conference & Exhibition

A Virtual Conference - Pacific Daylight Time (UTC-07:00)

Exhibit at OFC

The Virtual Exhibition — Reach Your Customers Online

OFC will be presented in an all-virtual format, 07 – 11 June. Exhibitors will be an essential component of the virtual experience. It is your products and innovations that help make OFC the world's premier international forum for telecom and data center optics.

We hope you will join your current and prospective customers as the optical networking and communications community comes together for the all-virtual OFC Connference and Exhibition.

Why Exhibit at the All-Virtual OFC?

  • An Enhanced Exhibition Experience - There are new initiatives being added to increase visibility of the virtual exhibition and drive attendees to your booth, including dedicated exhibition times .
  • A Customizable Environment - A virtual booth enables you to create an exhibit that supports your goals—whether it is downloadable promotional literature, videos of product demonstrations or messaging geared for the OFC audience.
  • Reach the Right Audience - The ability to interact with your customers, whether current or prospective, is of primary importance. The virtual booth allows you to collect and qualify leads and engage with prospects via chat or video. 
  • Grow and Expand Your Business - Engaged and active buyers at OFC are looking to fill a wide range of needs, and they have the authority to make purchasing decisions.
  • Deliver Quality Leads and Results - Optimize your online presence with customized sponsorships that promote your brand and capture your audience.

Options for Participation





Standard Level


USD 2,000

USD 1,250

USD 750

Headquarter Information – general company contact information and website, published online, and in the mobile app

Online Company Profile – published online and in mobile app

400 words

200 words

100 words

Company Profile Banner Image – display a large company graphic at the top of your virtual booth



Company Logo in Exhibitor Directory

Company Brochure – upload a PDF copy of your company brochure


Product Categories – displayed online and in the mobile app




Product Showcase – product names, tagline, description, photo, and URL




Company Contacts – list contact information for sales and customer support




Press Releases (PDF upload) – post the latest news about your company




YouTube Video URL – add company YouTube videos to your online profile




Company Social Media Links – post your company’s social media links (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter)

Visitor Report – review your digital booth traffic, report is provided after event

Virtual Business Card Button & Reports – review your digital booth traffic, and receive lead information after the event


1:1 and Group Chat – function enabled only on exhibition dates


Booth Staff Registrations – access to virtual show floor content (Note: Access to technical conference content is not included)








Plenary Session Video Sponsorship

USD 20,000

30 second video to play prior to the plenary. Video provided by sponsor.* Limited to 1 sponsor.

Daily Tech Zoom Room Sponsorship

USD 6,000

Static logo on Embedded Frame around Zoom videoconferencing window. Includes title of session, presider name, sponsor logo. Limited to 5 sponsors, one per day.

Hot Topic Coffee Break Sponsorship 

USD 3,000

Breakout room(s) for attendees to network & connect with the sponsor based on a particular hot topic chosen by the sponsor, for discussion facilitation.

Technology Showcase

USD 3,000

Highlight your company or products in a 30 minute presentation in a dedicated Zoom room (20 min. presentation, 10 min. Q&A). Showcases are listed in the conference schedule.

Registration Sponsor

USD 7,500

Sponsor Logo with link to sponsor website on registration information page and registration confirmation email. Limited to 3 sponsors.

Email Blast – What to Know Before You Go Banner Ad

USD 3,000

Banner ad in the email sent to pre-registered attendees. Limited to 3 sponsors.

Email Blasts – Daily Schedule Banner Ad

USD 4,000

Banner ad in the daily email deployed at the start of each event day. Limited to 1 sponsor per day. 

Conference App Banner Advertising

USD 1,000

Includes logo exposure on the start page and custom landing page, in addition to a rotating banner ad. 

Featured Exhibitor Ad Package

USD 5,000

Ad with links to advertiser’s website located at the top of the exhibitor directory, bundled with the Animated Ad and Static Ad placements as described below. Limited to 6 ad placements.

Animated Ad

USD 2,000

Ad with links to advertiser’s website located on home page of the event website. This ad rotates with other advertisers.

Static Ad

USD 1,000

Ad with links to advertiser’s website located on secondary pages of the event website. This ad rotates with other advertisers.

Social Media Wall Ad Slots

USD 1,000

A social media wall is a feed of aggregated live posts that are displayed on digital signage in real time. Sponsors receive premium space to display a message, image and/or logo.


 Contact the OFC Sales Team at or +1.202.416.1988

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