• Technical Conference:  30 March – 03 April 2025
  • Exhibition: 01 – 03 April 2025
  • Moscone Center, San Francisco, California, USA

2024 Show Floor Programs

The three exhibit hall theaters feature presentations by experts from major global brands and key industry organizations. Get high-level perspectives on hot topics like intra and inter data center connectivity, infrastructure and machine learning/automation. Learn about the state of the industry, emerging trends and recommended courses of action for how to tackle today’s toughest business challenges.

N5 Market Watch, Network Operator Summit and Data Center Summit Sub-Committee Chair:
Lisa Huff, Omdia, USA

2024 Show Floor Programming Coordinators
Heidi Adams, Nokia, USA
Scott Wilkinson, Cignal AI, USA


Market Watch (MW)

Panel I: State of the Industry

Panel II: Inside the Data Center Focused on AI/ML

Panel III: Coherent Techology Advancements to Address Next-Gen Networking Requirements

Panel IV: Next Generation PON Technologies

Panel V: Disaggregation Inside the DC

Panel VI: Disaggregation for Network Operators



Data Center Summit (DCS)

Data Center Summit Keynote Speaker

Panel I: AI/ML and Future Networks to Support It

Panel II: Lowering Power Consumption in Optical Solutions

Network Operator Summit (NOS)

Network Operator Summit Keynote Speaker

Panel I: Optical Network Automation

Panel II: Optics for 5G/6G


Access Networks

F5G Intelligent and Green Networks Towards 2030 

Empowering Access Networks with Coherent Optics

Network Infrastructure

IOWN GF's Open APN for the Evolution of Mobile Networks and Cloud and Edge Computing

Mobile Optics (MOPA) for the 6G

Open ROADM MSA Updates and Demonstration

Photonics in Current and Future Machine Learning Network Infrastructure


Optical Systems and Components

Coherent Optics Unleashed: From 400ZR Success to 800ZR/LR Advancements and 1600ZR Kick-off - An OIF Update
Current State and Future of Thin-Film Lithium Niobate Photonics

Intra and Inter Data Center Connectivity

Next Generation Optical Interconnects for AI Clusters: Beyond Linear Drive Optics

An Ecosystem Perspective on Scaling Integrated Photonics for the AI Revolution

Energy Efficient Interfaces - Reining in Power Consumption Trend for Next- Generation

OFCnet Panels

Telecom Fiber Networks as the Core of the Next Generation TerraScope

Quantum Key Distribution High-Speed Optical-Layer Encryption

Quantum Beyond Point-to-Point Key Distributions

Quantum Entanglement and Quantum Memory for Next Generation Quantum Networks

Software Define Infrastructures

Optical Benchmarks

Optical Infrastructures and Services  

Standard and Industry Group Updates

AIM Photonics and the Next PIC Generation

Ethernet Interconnect Solutions: Will the Advancement in Coherent Signaling Leverage Datacom Connect

Low- Latency High-Speed Optical Interconnection Technologies for AI Compute Era

Standards Update on Higher Speed PON, Latest OTN Technologies and Interoperable Optical Interfaces


Show Floor Theater Sponsored Sessions
CISCO: Who Controls the DCO's in Routers

Exploring the Role of Interconnects in Energy Efficient Data Centers