• Technical Conference:  24 – 28 March 2024
  • Exhibition: 26 – 28 March 2024
  • San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, California, USA

OFC NetOFCnet brings new opportunity to the OFC exhibition. Industry leaders will demonstrate products, concepts, solutions, research and architectures in a live high-speed optical network connected to leading research and education networks worldwide. This focus on designing and building next generation optical networks will enhance exposure to emerging technologies like Quantum networking, programmability and network software applications for big data applications and more. Visit OFCnet booth's 5917 and 6109 to view these live demonstrations.

OFCnet Show Floor Demonstrations Include:

Nokia/Keysight - 800GE readiness and interop demonstration
The demo validates the readiness of next-generation optics for service providers and network operators. With the move to the 800GE pluggable optics on front panel ports, interconnect and link reliability requires a new round of validation cycles to support carrier-class environments. These high-speed interfaces create a unique challenge as new 800GE-capable silicon devices, optical transceivers, and high bandwidth Ethernet speeds must be accurately tested. The readiness demonstration includes Keysight's AresONE 800GE Layer 1-3 800GE line rate test platform in booth # 6109 and the Nokia 7750 Service Routing platform in booth # 5735. The AresONE will test Nokia's FP5 network processor silicon along with 800GE pluggable optics.​​
University of Bristol – Field trial of DV-QKD coexistence with classical channels over a dynamic Quantum-secured optical network with programmable hardware encryption​
In this demo, we demonstrate a dynamic optical network capable of switching between the coexistence of quantum/classical channels and a dedicated quantum link over the Bristol network infrastructure. The quantum channel distributes secret keys while the classical links carry the encrypted data aggregated from users via the FPGA-based programmable encryptor. At the control plane, an SDN controller interfaces the FPGA to support on-demand encryption schemes and provides switching of quantum and classical channels. Through this demo, we provide directions on how to offer quantum security as a service via an existing metropolitan optical network infrastructure. ​​
NuCrypt - Distribution of quantum entanglement through fiber with co-propagating classical data
A complete system for distributing and measuring quantum entangled signals over fiber will be demonstrated. Distributed measurements are collected and controlled from a single location using an embedded optical data link. An optical switch is programmed to send different quantum entangled wavelengths to spatially separated users. The demonstration centers around the use of commercially available parts that interface to multiple types of single photon detectors. The demonstration of coordinated control of quantum photonic instruments at multiple sites highlights the capability for robust operation of commercially available quantum optical equipment over fiber optic infrastructure.​
Qunnect - Reliable high-fidelity transmission of polarization qubits over long fibers
Quantum communications using entanglement can revolutionize fields such as sensing, communication, and computing. However, preserving the fidelity of photons' polarization state through long fiber transmission is a challenge. Qunnect's Qu-APC product overcomes these challenges by using real-time polarization-frame alignments to assure high-fidelity transmission of polarization agnostic qubits over any deployed fiber channel.​
Qubitekk - Quantum-secure point-to-point communications architecture demonstration
We will run a point-to-point communication link between two quantum transceivers and distribute entangled photons over optical fiber. The channel provides quantum-secure communication protected against eavesdropping or harvest-and-store type attacks. Additional system capability includes cryptographic key generation and distribution via an authenticated channel. The communication link and its management will be displayed on two large-screen monitors. This technology provides quantum-safe communications with enhanced cryptographic protection against decryption by forthcoming quantum computers.​
Qubitekk - Quantum fundamentals demonstration
Qubitekk’s Quantum Starter Kit is a comprehensive education kit, packaged in a ready-to-travel protective case, that provides instructors with the tools to introduce students to the mysterious world of quantum mechanics. This live hands-on kit allows a teacher to work hands-on through five progressively sequenced, easy-to-conduct starter quantum experiments. With photon sources, detectors, and all the necessary connectors and optical elements in one compact hardened storage case, Qubitekk has lowered the logistical obstacles to teaching quantum fundamentals to students and an upskilling workforce.​
IDQuantique/Ciena – Unconditional security of critical data with 800Gbps quantum-secured communications
In this demonstration, Ciena and ID Quantique showcase how high-capacity quantum-secured optical channels can enable network operators to detect and defend against eavesdroppers across metro applications, including Data Center Interconnects. The demo features Ciena’s Waveserver 5 platform powered by 800Gbps optical-layer encryption leveraging open APIs to communicate with ID Quantique’s Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) Cerberis XG platforms. The optical data channel is encrypted at the OTN layer using the symmetric keys generated by the QKD technology, enabling a solution that is mathematically proven to provide unconditional security of all critical in-flight data and that is highly resilient against eavesdropping attempts.​
University of Amsterdam - Petrinet smart contracts for multi-domain network collaboration
Programmable infrastructures and value of data has opened the door to a new set of applications; multi-domain applications. Examples of such applications include Digital Data Marketplace (DDM) applications where parties agree on application use-case specific policies for sharing and processing of data. Such multi-domain applications need a fullstack approach so that trust can be maintained at all levels.  At the network level different domains need to agree to collaborate for various reasons such as to avert DDOS attacks.  This type of applications creates several challenges, many of which revolve around the notion of distributed trust. In this demonstration we propose a novel method for multi-domain coordination whereby we use Petrinets and smart contracts to coordinate the underlying infrastructure.​
During OFC, UCSD will demonstrate 2 workflows using 2x 200G links from UCSD/SDSC to the San Diego Convention Center show floor. A Gigabyte 2U server with two Mellanox ConnectX-6 network interfaces will join the National Research Platform's Nautilus Hypercluster using the two 200Gbps links provided by CENIC/PACWAVE. One of the 200Gbps links will allow Open Science Grid (OSG) workflows to run on the server through OFCnet. The second 200Gbps link will run network speed tests between UCSD and the OFCnet. All of these flows will be displayed using sFlow and inMon Traffic Sentinel with PerfSONAR Maddash and Grafana dashboards to add additional network and workflow performance analysis.​
Northwestern University/ICAIR – High-performance E2E WAN optical transport of high capacity science research data at 400Gbps
These demonstrations will showcase capabilities and technologies supporting 400Gbps WAN services based on E2E optical channels between the OFC show floor and the Starlight data center in Chicago. Core components will consist of optimized 400Gbps Data Transfer Nodes (DTNs, incorporating innovative techniques for kernel bypass using zero-copy for memory and disk copy to avoid bottlenecks and optimal affinity bindings for NUMA architecture for higher resource utilization), 400Gbps Ethernet and optical transport switches, 400Gbps smart NICs, orchestration of high capacity WAN data flows, specialized transceivers, breakout interconnect cables, and measurement methods for real-time monitoring, benchmarking and evaluation.​
NTT Labs - Open muxponder 400G transmission over Open ROADM
Live demonstration of open muxponders integrated with open source network OS and multi-vender 400G optical transceivers over Open ROADM networks, which achieves open and sustainable optical transport networks.​
NTT Labs – Multi-vender coherent DWDM transmission with data center switch and QSFP-DD
Live network demonstration of DWDM coherent transmission using an open network OS using data center switches and QSFP-DD pluggable transceivers. The demo proves that an open and disaggregated system enables flexible configuration of optical transmission networks for operators with data center friendly equipment.​
ESnet High Touch - Line rate packet telemetry with FPGAs
The Energy Sciences Network (ESnet) High-Touch project uses a combination of software and programmable hardware to deliver new network services. The initial class of applications being implemented provide high-precision network telemetry, including summarization of network flows and capture of packet headers. These are computed from unsampled streams of packets from multiple 100GE and 400GE links. This demonstration will present a high-level technical overview and show examples of data and analysis from the High-Touch system being deployed in ESnet6, the latest version of ESnet’s backbone network for supporting scientific collaborations and research around the globe.​
Open ROADM MSA - Reliable Open ROADM transport network with multi-layer performance monitoring capabilities
A group of Open ROADM Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) members will demonstrate optical network equipment elements from multiple suppliers that seamlessly interoperate at data rates up to 400G. Participants include AT&T, Ciena, Cisco-Acacia, Fujitsu, Infinera, Juniper, Lumentum, NEC, Nokia, NTT, Orange, and Ribbon in collaboration with the researchers at the OpNeAR laboratory at the University of Texas at Dallas and Politecnico di Milano. Open ROADM compliant equipment will include four ROADM nodes and a combination of 100G flexponders, Optical Transport Network (OTN) switches, 100G transponders, 400G transponders, 200G/300G/400G muxponders, CFP2-DCO 400G pluggable devices, and one 400G single-node 3R regenerator.​
IDQuantique – Large Quantum Key Distribution network management and monitoring demonstration
Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) Technology provides the unique feature of proven forward security. It is composed of fiber optics, free to air or satellite point to point connections that are interconnected in ring, star or mesh via a Quantum Key Management System (KMS) to allow quantum-secured communications over long distance. Deploying such an architecture at regional, country, or international scale requires specific tools to simulate, configure and monitor the network. ID Quantique, with its unique Central Management Solution, shows it has never been as easy as today for any network operator to deploy QKD topology in their infrastructure.​
Adtran/ADVA – Coherent optical spectrum services facilitated by an open line system (OLS)
Spectrum services enable communication service providers to harness untapped value in their optical network infrastructure. Using a compact ROADM-based three-node ring network spanned between the OFCnet, Coherent’s and Adtran’s booths, we demonstrate network slicing and a multi-vendor collaboration in delivering open standards-based 100G-800G coherent connectivity. A colorless flex-grid OLS offers multi-format, multi-rate support and optimized passbands for any spectrum service. A spectrum demarcation function provides spectrum policing and enforces a strict user separation. Our showcase includes the first live demonstration of a QSFP-28 based 100G-ZR connection over multi-span metro distances.​
OIF - 400ZR ecosystem
OIF’s 400ZR project is critical in facilitating the reduction of cost and complexity for high bandwidth data center interconnects and promoting interoperability among optical module manufacturers. This public demonstration includes nearly double the number of participants including links to multiple collaborator’s’ booths using OFCnet. The demo consists of a full implementation of 400GE across a 75km, DWDM ecosystem using multiple module, router, open line systems, and test equipment vendors, demonstrating the project achieved its interoperability goals.​
Verizon and NEC will demonstrate several new functions of telecom oriented distributed fiber optic sensing. These functions provide new opportunities to network service providers and fiber infrastructure owners to enhance network operation and maintenance efficiencies and develop new services/products for their customers.​
Ethernet Alliance
The Ethernet Alliance interoperability demonstration includes technologies and solutions from 16 member companies, ranging from interconnect providers to switches and routers, to test and measurement equipment.  The demo features live traffic transiting over Ethernet speeds of 10Gigabit Ethernet through 800GbE, and connecting to multiple booths via the OFCnet to showcase the cohesive 400GbE infrastructure with OIF, EXFO, Spirent and Viavi booths.  These interoperability demonstrations exemplify the need for a “living lab” of the latest cutting-edge Ethernet technologies. It’s essential to the success of manufacturers and users for the ecosystem to prove emerging and legacy technologies will work seamlessly.​