• A Hybrid Conference – In-Person and Virtual Presentations
  • Technical Conference:  05 – 09 March 2023
  • Exhibition: 07 – 09 March 2023
  • San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, California, USA

Revolutionary vs. Evolutionary SDM Fibers: Extra Gain at Extra Complexity?


Pierre Sillard, Prysmian Group, France 
Benyuan Zhu, OFS Laboratories, USA
Inna Kouzmina, Corning, USA
Tetsuya Hayashi, Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd, Japan


Rising network traffic, driven by consumer bandwidth demand, is creating a capacity challenge for networks of all types. The search for scalable capacity has become a driving force in network systems. Space Division Multiplexing (SDM) is a viable approach as it increases the relative core density in a given system. In datacenter applications, it could solve practical installation problems of very large fiber counts in data center interconnect (DCI) links. In submarine, it offers a path towards 1-5 Pb/s subsea cable capacity. The latter presents the ultimate challenge due to high reliability requirements and power-limited cable designs on the top of high capacity transmission. The debate will therefore focus on which technology will emerge to meet challenging 5 Pbps cable capacity targets in submarine. Scalability, ecosystem readiness, compatibility with incumbent systems and mechanical robustness are amongst factors to be addressed for two leading solutions: multicore (MCF) and reduced geometry (Cladding or Coating) fibers.


Mattia Cantono, Google, USA

Olivier Courtois, Alcatel Submarine Networks, France

Hans Damdgaard, OFS, Denmark

Lidia Galdino, Corning, UnitedKingdom

Stephen Grubb, Meta, USA

Takemi Hasegawa, Sumitomo Electric, Japan

Takanori Inoue, NEC, Japan

Victor Kopp, Chiral Photonics, USA

Alexei Pilipetskii, Subcom, USA

Shigehiro Takasaka, Furukawa, Japan