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The Drive to Network Convergence

By Jason Blosil | Posted: 17 February 2011

Modern data centers can be complex. The demands on IT have increased in part due to massive data growth, which by some estimates, is expected to grow as much as 800 percent over the next 5 years.

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Optical packet switching: Boom or burst?

By David Nugent | Posted: 15 February 2011

Optical burst switching (OBS) and optical packet switching (OPS) are no strangers to OFC/NFOEC. The past decade has witnessed a steady increase in publications on both fronts, fostered partially by monolithic integration and the resultant availability of high-density optical cross-connect fabrics.

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2010 Fiber Optic Innovations Continue as Market Grows

By David Chaffee | Posted: 8 February 2011

OFC/NFOEC has become the innovative center for optical communications throughout the years. It has been the forum as the industry has engineered its way from fiber optic streams operating at 45 million bits per second to those now beginning to operate at 100 billion bits per second and beyond.

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Gearing up for the Show

By Angela Stark and Mehran Esfandiari | Posted: 4 February 2011

Q&A with Mehran Esfandiari, OFC/NFOEC General Co-Chair

OFC/NFOEC’s Director of Communications, Angela Stark, spoke recently with General Co-Chair of the conference, Mehran Esfandiari of AT&T, about this year’s event.

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The Global Race for Broadband

By David Chaffee | Posted: 27 January 2011

There is a global competition taking place with national pride at stake as countries try to get broadband to as many of their citizens as possible—aware that broadband leads to productivity both at the individual and national levels. There are currently in the neighborhood of 5 billion active cell phones on the planet. Trillions of tweets, emails, instant messages, videos, interactive games, etc., will flood the Internet this year. Meanwhile the use of the Internet continues to rapidly expand into new geographical areas. As we emerge from recession, our lives and our businesses are becoming even more rooted online.

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