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Report from the OFC/NFOEC Service Provider Summit

By C. David Chaffee | Posted: 10 March 2011

Andrew Bach, keynote speaker for the Service Provider Summit at OFC/NFOEC Wednesday morning, presented the daunting challenge the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is facing--having to transmit millions of trades in microsecond timeframes.

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"Gigabit Society" is Theme of OFC/NFOEC 2011 Plenary

By C. David Chaffee | Posted: 9 March 2011

“We are on the way to the gigabit society,” said OFC/NFOEC 2011 keynote speaker Bruno Orth Tuesday morning at the plenary session. Orth defines the gigabit society as a mobile broadband photonic network that is all IP. “The price for WDM has gone down tremendously over the past decade,” said Orth. Router performance is much better than Moore's law would estimate.

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The Need for Speed

By Terry Unter | Posted: 8 March 2011

The explosive growth of the Internet is driving a “need for speed” in core and access networks. User traffic is expected to increase five times between 2009 and 2014. This is being driven by video content delivery to fixed and mobile users, video gaming, social networking, and voice over IP. Bandwidth is being provided by traditional telecom service providers and new-comers, such as Google and Facebook, who are creating their own captive networks.

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The Evolving Optical Components Market

By Alain Couder | Posted: 7 March 2011

This week I’ll have an opportunity to present at the OSA Executive Forum, held in conjunction with OFC/NFOEC, on a panel titled “Where is the Optical Components Market Going?” This is going to be a very interesting discussion highlighting some of the challenges our industry is facing and how we overcome them to achieve long-term sustainable growth.

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What’s That Buzz?

By Jim Theodoras | Posted: 4 March 2011

With OFC/NFOEC just around the corner, I thought it might be fun to guess at what the big news might be on the show floor. While predicting buzz can be a hazardous endeavor, the steady ramp up in press releases leading up to the big event, plus the program guide give pretty good hints.

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OFC/NFOEC As a Time Machine Propelling Us Into the Future

By David Chaffee | Posted: 4 March 2011

Before the first trans-oceanic optical transport system, there were papers and presentations at OFC describing how seemingly fragile, hair-thin strings of glass would transmit millions of photons every second while resting on the ocean's floor.

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Coherent Optical Processing: Let's Think Big

By Rick Dodd | Posted: 3 March 2011

Conference Program. The buzz around this subject is justified – the benefits of coherent optical transmission will allow tremendous increases in capacity while simplifying planning and deployment. However, let me go out on a limb and say that I think the concept of coherent may be underhyped. Coherent is such a fundamental shift in optical networking that it allows an opportunity for the industry to "think big" about the possibilities.

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Cloud Services, Data Centers Among New Trends at OFC/NFOEC

By Biswanath Mukherjee | Posted: 2 March 2011

What do optical communications and optical networking do to enable cloud services, a necessity due to the high-bandwidth demands that people like you and I put on the network because of new video-enabled applications? How can our industry meet the demands of the exponential growth in traffic from these applications? And what does it all mean to our society? One of OFC/NFOEC’s plenary speakers, Bruno Orth of Deutsche Telekom AG, will tackle this topic from the network operators’ perspective. He’ll talk about how providers are working to transform their networks to meet these increased demands. It’s really a must-see presentation.

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The Virtuous Cycle: From Research to Application

By Atul Srivastava | Posted: 1 March 2011

OFC/NFOEC is widely recognized as the premier conference in the field of optical communications. What I find is a real distinction for OFC/NFOEC is that the conference also features a strong trade show. The entire virtuous cycle connecting optical research with product development and then applications is represented. The combination of both the frontline research being presented at the conference and the presence of the latest products that are being released on the trade show floor give a full package to any person who comes and attends this conference.

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Experimenting at OFC/NFOEC

By Chuck Joyner | Posted: 24 February 2011

Believe it or not, some of the programming at OFC/NFOEC this year is an experiment. As a program committee, we are focused on developing technical programming that is dynamic and responsive to the emerging topics in the industry.

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