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Gearing up for the Show

By Angela Stark and Mehran Esfandiari

Q&A with Mehran Esfandiari, OFC/NFOEC General Co-Chair

OFC/NFOEC's Director of Communications, Angela Stark, spoke recently with General Co-Chair of the conference, Mehran Esfandiari of AT&T, about this year's event. Here's what he had to say:

Angela Stark:

What can you tell us about this year's plenary session keynote speaker from AT&T?

Mehran Esfandiari:

This year we're pleased to have Kris Rinne, senior vice president, architecture and planning at AT&T. As you know, the hot topic of the telecommunication industry is the growth of mobility and the mobile network. She will bring her expertise and knowledge about the growth of the mobility network, the transition from the 3G to 4G, and how that growth translates into bandwidth that the service providers have to carry in the network.


So what are some other hot topics that attendees can expect to see at this year's conference?


One of the hot topics, which has been hot for many years, is FTTx, or fiber to the node, the home, the business, etc., as well as passive optical networks, as the growing appetite of our consumers for data and, now, video, demands much more bandwidth from the network.

Another hot topic is wireless cell-site backhaul, as well as wireless and wireline integration. With the advent of integration of the optical, Ethernet, and IP network systems and devices, the challenge is also how do we integrate our networks together to serve both mobility network as well as the businesses and the consumers on the wireline network.


Aside from the plenary session and technical presentations, what else makes OFC/NFOEC an important event?


If you're a service provider and you're looking to see the latest telecommunication innovation, as well as products, OFC/NFOEC is where you go. Not only will you see the research and innovation in technical sessions, but also on the show floor, you see devices, you see system providers, and there are many pavilions where you can actually come and learn and touch and see.

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