• Technical Conference:  30 March – 03 April 2025
  • Exhibition: 01 – 03 April 2025
  • Moscone Center, San Francisco, California, USA

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OFC Daily Wrap - Wednesday

By OFC Staff | Posted: 6 March 2019

Chance of precipitation in San Diego today is 50%. However, your odds improve to 100% that you'll find programs of interest at OFC.

On day four, a symposium on network automation is complemented with a show-floor summit for network operators; plus, a special session on quatum technology and its impact on optical communications; the first of two poster sessions and more industry-focused Market Watch programs. Also, more than 700 exhibitors want to know if you've made your way to the exhibition yet.

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OFC Daily Wrap - Tuesday

By OFC Staff | Posted: 5 March 2019

Get ready for the most exciting day yet at OFC! A full day of programming kicks off with the plenary at 08:00, followed by the unveiling of the Exhibition with its packed schedule. This evening, the ever-engaging Rump Session delves into one of the industry's key challenges.

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OFC Daily Wrap - Monday

By OFC Staff | Posted: 4 March 2019

40 technical sessions are presented on day two of OFC, including two symposia and one special session. In addition, time is...well, short, to take a Short Course — it's the last day they are offered. And, make time early this evening to attend the Open Platform Summit on the future of network infrastructures. Have a great day at OFC!

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OFC Daily Wrap - Sunday

By OFC Staff | Posted: 3 March 2019

Each morning of the conference, we'll be sending The Daily Wrap — highlighting things to note for the day ahead.

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Data Center Technology Trends at OFC

By Alan Weckel, Founder and Technology Analyst, 650 Group | Posted: 22 February 2019

OFC has become an increasingly important show for the data center networking community. Being the first major show of the year where vendors update their Cloud and next-generation platform strategies helps set the stage for the rest of 2019. We expect many vendor announcements in 2019 - lots of exciting announcements are forthcoming. In particular, we are expecting announcements and demonstrations in the following areas.

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Challenges and Opportunities in 5G Transport, an ACG Research Project

By Tim Doiron, Principal Analyst, ACG Research | Posted: 15 February 2019

Many service providers and vendors have tied their future to the successful commercial deployment and evolution of 5G mobile networks and services. Unlike prior generations of wireless technology, 5G is designed to support new applications, services and industries. Mobile consumers will benefit with enhanced mobile broadband, but more importantly 5G will facilitate the launch of fixed wireless services, massive Internet of Things with billions of connected devices and ultra-reliable, low-latency services like augmented reality and remote surgery.

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WDM PON is Resurging due to 5G Network Rollouts

By Julie Kunstler, Principal Analyst, Network Infrastructure and Software, Ovum | Posted: 11 February 2019

Interest in WDM PON is resurging due to 5G network rollouts and the accompanying forecasted growth in the wireless fronthaul market. While WDM PON failed to reach volume deployments as an FTTH technology, its ability to support 25G bandwidth and meet strict latency requirements, while supporting fiber efficiency, is appealing.

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Silicon Photonics Becoming a System Play

By Lisa Huff, Principal Analyst, Ovum | Posted: 1 February 2019

Silicon Photonics (SiPh) has been under development for more than 20 years. And, several companies have brought products to market only to have them fail. However, there are three companies that stand out with at least moderate success – Cisco (through its Lightwire acquisition), Luxtera and Intel.

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Technical Programs Trending at OFC: Data Center Networking, Optical Interconnects and Digital Signal Processing

By Casimer DeCusatis | Posted: 30 January 2019

Anticipation is building fast as we approach this year’s OFC conference, the largest optical communication conference in the world! Don’t forget that the deadline for technical registration is coming up on February 4 so you’ll want to reserve your spot now. Technical content is at the heart of every OFC event, and you’ll find a quick summary of the week’s events in the OFC technical conference brochure.  Our social media feeds have been buzzing with all the upcoming news and rumored announcements, so in this blog we’ll take a look at the top three technical session topics currently trending for OFC

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Headliners at OFC 2019

By Casimer DeCusatis | Posted: 2 January 2019

What do fiber-to-the-cell, Netflix, photonic ASICs, and self-driving cars have in common? They’re all on the agenda for plenary and keynote speakers at OFC 2019. In this blog, we’ll preview some of the exciting presentations waiting for you at this coming OFC conference.

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