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Record-breaking Reach for Low-cost Data Transmission between Data Centers

By Rebecca Andersen, The Optical Society

OFC Research News
Record-breaking Reach for Low-cost Data Transmission between Data Centers

Researchers in Germany demonstrate highest speeds yet by use of PAM-4 transmission
01 March 2016 -  Researchers working at ADVA Optical Networking in Meiningen, Germany, and the Technical University of Denmark have shown real-time transmission of 400Gbit/s (8x50G) over 100 kilometers, using the PAM-4 transmission format. Their system, which uses pulse-amplitude modulation with four discrete levels, significantly improves the cost, space and power efficiency for data center interconnect applications, providing a solution for distances up to 100km.
“The uniqueness of our PAM4-setup is that it enables a cost-effective and low-power high-speed data center interconnect solution by significantly extending the reach of short reach 400G PAM4 solutions, which are currently under standardization at IEEE802.3bs,” said Nicklas Eiselt, a PhD candidate, Department of Photonics Engineering, Technical University of Denmark. Read more OFC News.

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