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OFC Research News: New Optical Transmitter Enables Better Communication Networks


To meet today's data demands, a new bandwidth variable transmitter could serve as a crucial part of flexible and optimized optical networks

All the world's data – pictures, video, sounds, and text – has to traverse complex networks of optical fibers that crisscross cities, regions, and countries. To better handle the glut of information, a research team from NOKIA Bell Labs, have developed a new device that could become a crucial component of new flexible and optimized networks.
The device, a bandwidth variable transmitter (BVT), converts electronic signals to optical signals – but with a bandwidth that can change depending on need. And, it works without service interruptions, an advantage known as being "hitless."
"It's really the first transmitter that can transmit data in optical transmission networks with a bit rate change in a hitless way," said Arnaud Dupas, NOKIA Bell Labs, France. "As network demands continue to grow, this device will help to enable optical networks of the future with seamless network optimization and flexibility." 

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Research presentation:
Hitless 100 Gbit/s OTN Bandwidth Variable Transmitter for Software-Defined Networks
Thursday, 24 March, 13:00, Ballroom C

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