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NTT Electronics Industry-First 20nm Low-Power Coherent DSP Now Shipping in Volume


23 March 2015

Atul Srivastava
Chief Technical Officer
NTT Electronics (NEL) America, Inc.
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NTT Electronics Industry-First 20nm Low-Power Coherent DSP Now Shipping in Volume

Industry-Leading Processing Core Ensures Multi-Source 100G Pluggable Coherent Optics

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--NTT Electronics (NEL), a leading supplier of
coherent Digital Signal Processor (DSP) solutions to system and module manufacturers
worldwide, today announced that its second generation Low-Power DSP product, NLD0640

Gen2 LP-DSP, is now generally available for manufacturers, and is shipping thousands of
the new LP-DSP Integrated Circuits (IC's) in its first quarter to fifteen manufacturers
worldwide for upgrading and/or downsizing their optical module and system. Its confirmed
interoperability among multi-source 100G pluggable coherent optics drives the industry into
high-port-density 100G Metro deployments.

The new NLD0640 Gen2 LP-DSP features integrated 100GE transponder capability, full
coverage of operation modes such as the lowest power 80-km ZR mode and power-managed
metro mode for distances up to 1200km, and digital equalizer compensating electrical signal
distortion to-and-from 100G pluggable Analog Coherent Optics (ACO). As the first major
milestone of NEL's ongoing collaboration with Broadcom Corporation (NASDAQ:BRCM)1,
the new NLD0640 Gen2 LP-DSP is the industry's first 20nm coherent DSP product which
started to sample last September2. The new NLD0640 Gen2 LP-DSP uses Broadcom's
cutting-edge signal-processing-enhanced mixed-signal technologies to intensify the
industry-leading coherent processing core which has already been widely deployed as NEL's
first generation 40nm DSP product NLD0629 Gen1 DSP3.

“The availability of merchant silicon for coherent transmission, such as NEL’s Low Power
Coherent DSP, is a major step forward for the industry because of its potential to trigger
greater economies-of-scale for ubiquitous deployment of coherent systems and improve
platform density,” said Glenn Wellbrock, director of optical transport network, architecture,
design & planning, Verizon.

“I am glad to see that our initiative, to make merchant Silicon DSP solution available for
every manufacturer, has evolved into this new generation.” said Masahito Tomizawa,
Executive Manager of NTT Network Innovation Laboratories. “Digital coherent is an
optical communications innovation, not only for enabling 100 Gbps per wavelength, but also
for enabling interoperability among multi-source pluggable coherent optics using lower-cost
technologies such as compound semiconductor and silicon photonics. One of my
laboratories has already confirmed successful interoperability of the new NLD0640 Gen2
LP-DSP not only with multi-source CFP2-ACO’s but also with other CFP-DCO employing its
in-house DSP ASIC.”

NEL will show a live demonstration of the new NLD0640 Gen2 LP-DSP in its Booth 1811 at
the OFC2015 trade show in Los Angeles, California, March 24-26, 2015.
About NTT Electronics
NTT Electronics (NEL) has been developing and commercializing optical communications
devices since 1995. It has a complete portfolio of optical and electronics products to cover the
industry needs for 100G systems, ROADM components and FTTH networks. NEL is
headquartered in Yokohama, Japan with offices in Saddle Brook, NJ, San Jose, CA, Millan,
Italy, Shenzhen and Hong Kong, China.

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