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Multilane Announces CFP and CFP-2 Development Kits

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Fadi Daou MultiLane, Inc.

Multilane Announces CFP and CFP-2 Development Kits

LEBANON, Mar. 2 - Today Multilane, Inc. announced the availability of their CFP and CFP-2 development kits, which are essential in engineering and manufacturing test of networking systems with 40 and 100G ports using CFP and CFP-2 optical modules. Each kit consists of the following: a break-out module, which provides access to each individual 10G or 25G link through SMA connectors. Second, a passive loopback module with programmable power dissipation and insertion counter allowing for port compliance testing and thermal and current load testing. Third, a MSA compliant host board allowing access to all high-speed signals on the CFP or CFP-2 through SMA connectors. Each host board comes with a GUI to allow for easy access to the CFP or CFP-2 register maps and full programming capability. The CFP development kit items ML4014 CFP Break-out module, ML4013 CFP loopback module and ML4018 host board are available now, while the CFP-2 development kit products will be available in July 2012.

For more information please contact us at or contact our North American Distribution Partner UR Group, Inc. at

About Multilane, Inc.
Multilane, Inc. is a provider of industry leading test solutions for most optical module standards as well as a provider of test instrumentation for high-performance communication semiconductors from 10 to 100G. For more information please visit our website at

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