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Molex And Newly-Acquired Oplink To Demonstrate Innovative Transmission And Transport Solutions At OF


24 March 2015

Christa Carroll
Senior Vice President
Outlook Marketing Services

Molex And Newly-Acquired Oplink To Demonstrate Innovative Transmission And Transport Solutions At OFC 2015

Product Showcase to feature QuatroScale™ line of active optical products, OptoConnect™ Optical Enclosures and more

Live demonstrations in booth 2017 include:
  • QuatroScale™ zQSFP+™ (QSFP28) 4 x 28 G (100 G) Active Optical Cable (AOC) connected to a Molex Mid Board Optical Module (MBOM) 8 x 28 G (200 G).  The new QuatroScale solutions are based on silicon photonics CMOS technology, which achieves the longest reach coupled with the highest reliability of any 28 Gbps product on the market.  QuatroScale 100 Gbps zQSFP+ AOC and on-board module solutions run at a low 2 W per 100 G, but can reach up to 4 km of distance.  The demonstration showcases an optical link comprised of a zQSFP+ module on one end and an MBOM module on the other, with data passing between them at 25.78 Gbps.
  • iPass+™ (Mini-SAS) HD AOC, which delivers SAS-3.0, 48 Gbps data rates over four lanes at 12 Gbps each, with reaches of up to 100 meters.  The fiber optic cables complement existing copper iPass+ HD connectors and cables and provide an end-to-end solution for large-scale enterprise and data center storage applications.  The demonstration will showcase traffic at 12 Gbps across the optical link.
  • RayXpress™ ROADM subsystem platform.  RayXpress™ platform is an end-to-end solution based on a wavelength-selective photonic engine and a Programmable Broadcast-Route-and-Select (PBRS) architecture that performs as a wavelength-selective cross-connect (WSX or WXC) while supporting the CDC Add/Drop ports.  This subsystem features a different wavelength selective core engine and additional in-house built-in key functional blocks of flexible grid OCM, OSC transceiver, amplifiers/amplifier array, fiber shuffle and multicast switches, as well as the turnkey circuit pack- or chassis-level integration capable of executing network interface protocols.  PBRS-based RayXpress™ offers a compelling complementary alternative in terms of significant savings on cost, space and power for the lower degree nodes found in the metro regional, enterprise, data center and Cloud networking applications.
  • 4x28G DWDM CFP Transceiver.  The 4x28G DWDM CFP transceiver is based on NRZ modulation format, and direct detection with advanced digital signal processing to achieve transmission of 100 Gbps data over 80 km without external dispersion compensation.  The strong digital signal processing also enables use of low cost mass-produced optical components and makes it a very competitive alternative to more complex coherent detection based product offerings.  The 100 Gbps DWDM CFP presents a compelling economic solution for bandwidth demanding inter-data center and metro optical networking applications.
Additional innovative Molex solutions to be showcased at booth 2017 include:
  • OptoConnect™ Custom Optical Enclosures designed to simplify complex fiber optic port mapping issues.  The OptoConnect fiber routing system, with integrated FlexPlane™ circuitry, provides a single enclosure management system incorporated into high-density telecom and datacom equipment.
  • Polymicro Technologies™ custom and standard optical fiber can withstand harsh-temperature, chemical and radiation environments.  The broad-spectrum optical fibers can be custom made with a wide variety of specialty options.  For example, custom fibers, sizes, jackets and coatings are available, including dual-cladding with numerical apertures ranging from 0.11 to 0.66.  Custom assemblies of Polymicro fibers are also available, including hollow silica waveguides, laser cut capillaries, sub-assemblies and shielded assemblies.  Finished Polymicro products are labeled, packaged and sterilized per customer requirements.  The fibers are designed for use in ultraviolet, visible, near- and mid-infrared ranges.
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