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Mindspeed Fuels Faster Optical Networking with Complete 10-Gigabit Passive Optical Network Physical

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Lisa Briggs

Mindspeed Fuels Faster Optical Networking with Complete 10-Gigabit Passive Optical Network Physical Media Device Chipset Solution

Highly Integrated Optical Networking Unit and Optical Line Termination Chipsets Provide a Complete End-to-End XG-PON1 PMD Solution

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Mar. 5, 2012-- Mindspeed Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:MSPD), a leading supplier of semiconductor solutions for network infrastructure applications, today announced the M02150 burst-mode driver chipset family that features a programmable 3.1Gbps dual-closed-loop burst mode laser driver integrated with an 11.3Gbps limiting amplifier for next-generation gigabit passive optical network (XG-PON1) networks. The highly integrated solution features power-saving sleep and current reduction modes in a compact 4x4 mm package.

The new M02150 device can be used with companion Mindspeed solutions on the optical line termination (OLT) chipsets side to create end-to-end uplink and downlink solutions either in traditional optical modules or interfaced to bidirectional optical subassemblies (BOSAs) that can be mounted directly onto the XG-PON1 optical networking unit (ONU) or OLT board to significantly reduce overall bill-of-material (BOM) costs.

Mindspeed will be demonstrating the M02150 XG-PON1 ONU chipset family along with a broad offering of XG-PON1 OLT solutions at The Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exposition and the National Fiber Optic Engineers Conference (OFC/NFOEC 2012), from March 6-8, 2012, in booth #1761/173 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

XG-PON1 OLT solutions that will be demonstrated will include the M02035 2.5Gbps burst-mode transimpedance amplifier (TIA) and M02172 11.3Gbps electro-absorption modulated laser (EML) driver.

“Mindspeed continues to lead the optical networking industry to higher data rates and more economical system architectures and deployment models for fiber-to-the-x (FTTx) multi-play services,” said Hasnain Bajwa, senior vice president and general manager, high performance analog (HPA) at Mindspeed. “Our M02150 chipset family offers low-power consumption, performance monitoring, and dual-closed-loop laser driver operation in a small, low-cost package. This complete chipset solution will accelerate the adoption of next generation XG-PON1 networks by enabling multiservice access equipment to handle higher data rates and more broadband users.”

Mindspeed has worked with optical component leader CyOptics to create a complete BOSA-on-board reference design that seamlessly integrates CyOptics’ XG-PON1 ONU BOSA with the M02150/51 XG-PON1 driver chipset.

“This is another important milestone in our product development achievements with Mindspeed,” said Kou-Wei Wang, vice president and general manager for the OEM business at CyOptics. “Our two companies have once again forged new ground in optical networking technology with a BOSA-on-board solution that will play an integral role in XG-PON1 network deployments.”

Technical Details
Mindspeed®’s M02150 burst-mode driver chipset family features an integrated 11.3Gbps continuous-mode limiting amplifier with output de-emphasis compensation for high-frequency transmission line loss. The company is also introducing a second, M02151 driver that adds integrated, electrically erasable programmable read-only memory (EEPROM), which is used to store calibration and performance settings and can support more than one million write cycles. This feature reduces overall system cost and optimizes the driver for economical BOSA-on-board designs by supporting multiple re-calibrations, and enables it to operate without external control or under the control of an external microcontroller or media access control (MAC) device. CyOptics also offers a XG-PON1 OLT BOSA that interfaces with these devices in an OLT module.

Product Availability
The M02150 burst-mode driver family and M02035 and M02172 OLT chipset are available now. They can be used in both 10G-GPON - XGPON1/ITU G.987.2 and 10G-Ethernet passive optical network (EPON)-10G/ 1GBase-PRX applications.

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