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ID Photonics Extends its Popular Cobrite Tunable Laser Portfolio by Ultra-Narrow Line Width Tunable


27 February 2014

David Stahl
+49 (0)89 - 201 899 16

ID Photonics Extends its Popular Cobrite Tunable Laser Portfolio by Ultra-Narrow Line Width Tunable Laser Source

Neubiberg, Germany – ID Photonics, a leading test and measurement provider for coherent tunable laser solutions, extends its laser portfolio with a new ultra narrow line width tunable laser source jointly developed with Teraxion. The new laser source provides a line width of less than 1 kHz and is targeted for next generation coherent R&D applications beyond 100 Gbit/s. It is launched at OFC2014 and will be available for the popular CoBrite multi-channel laser platform. It can be mixed with all already available sources and chassis variants providing ultimate flexibility for testing current and next generation transmission formats.

"Future transmission speeds are enabled by increasing constellation size and baud rate which impose even more stringent requirements for narrow line width light sources when compared to current 100Gbit/s DP-QPSK technology. Our new laser source supports researchers and system designers in the evaluation and the design of next generation networks with the best-in-class tunable narrow line width laser for multi-channel operation currently available. It makes the CoBrite laser platform a future proof investment for the evaluation of future ultra-high-capacity network architectures" said David Stahl, CEO of ID Photonics.

The new ultra narrow line width laser will be on display from March 11 to 13th at the OFC 2014 exhibition in San Francisco, booth #3556

About ID Photonics
ID Photonics is a manufacturer of test and measurement instruments that pioneered coherent transmission solutions for next generation transmission technologies by complementing its CoBrite tunable laser platform with high speed Arbitrary Waveform Generators (AWG) and Multi-Format Transmitters (OMFT) through its partnership with Fraunhofer HHI in Berlin, Germany supporting turnkey research systems for Multi Terabit capacity systems.
The modular CoBrite tunable laser chassis series supports the evaluation of coherent high capacity transmission networks, both in R&D and production environments by a scalable modular platform from 1
to 104 laser ports in a single platform. User upgradeable slide-in cards with a density of up to 4 laser ports per card provide 8 laser variants making it a tunable laser platform with industry leading versatility.
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