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Seikoh Giken Company to Introduce the Intelli-Cross Series LC Uniboot Connector with "Intelligent"


21 February 2017

Ms. Yumi Sugihara
Ph:(770)-279-6602 ext. 114
On-Site Ph: 310-462-2929

Seikoh Giken Company to Introduce the Intelli-Cross Series LC Uniboot Connector with "Intelligent" Keying at OFC 2017

Los Angeles Convention Center, CA,,  March 21-23, 2017  – Seikoh Giken Company is pleased to announce the release of its Intelli-Cross Series LC Uniboot interconnect product line for next generation, high density SingleMode and MultiMode fiber connectivity applications.
With an ultra-compact, low-profile form factor, the Intelli-Cross Series LC Uniboot Connector incorporates a proprietary, patent pending micro-gear mechanism that "intelligently" syncs the A-B housing keys during polarity reconfigurations.
Seikoh Giken's precision molded Intelli-Cross Series LC Uniboot Connector incorporates both external visual cues as well as internal mechanical indicators eliminating over rotation and housing key misalignment by the technician. Key polarity changes can be made quickly and accurately at the panel rack with no special tooling required.
The Intelli-Cross Series provides hyper density data centers installers and operators with an industry standard LC Duplex connector that fully complies with the Telcordia GR-326 Connector Installation objective of 57mm overall length.
Cable production engineers will easily meet all customer specific optical performance parameters as the Intelli-Cross Series utilize Seikoh Giken's premier zirconia ceramic ferrule technology.
The Intelli-Cross Series LC Uniboot connectors are available in SingleMode (UPC & APC) and MultiMode (OM1, OM2, OM3 & OM4) formats with body colors per TIA standards.  Boot configurations include standard, mini-short and angle boot formats which are available in up to 12 color variations.
For additional information, contact Seikoh Giken USA Incorporated, Fiber Optic Products Division, 4405 International Boulevard, Norcross,  GA  30093, (770) 279-6602, or Fax (770) 279-8839, or e-mail Seikoh Giken will be at booth 2838 during OFC 2017

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