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Nanoseconds 2x1 Optical Switch


20 December 2016

Jan Kasprzak

Nanoseconds 2x1 Optical Switch

Brimrose is proud to introduce a new solid state (no moving parts) high speed 2x1 Optical Switches with a frequency switching speed of <10 nsec, suitable for Telecommunication, Fiber Optic Sensing / System Monitoring, and many more applications. The new state of the art 2x1 Optical Switch offers high Extinction Ratio of >50 dB, Low Insertion Losses and optical power handling up to 1W CW. The high speed 2x1 Optical Switch is provided with either SM or PM Fibers and customer specified connectors.  It is available either in a Rack-Mount Enclosure or in a small compact OEM configuration.  The included support RF electronics are compatible with an external TTL.
Brimrose Corporation of America is a world leader with more than 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of Acousto Optic components. Other products include: No-Frequency-Shift Recirculating Loop Systems for Testing of Long Distance fiber-optic communication lines; Fiber Coupled AO Modulators with high optical power handling of up to 5 W CW; Pulse Pickers; Frequency Shifters; Narrow Band Tunable Bandpass Filters; AO Shutters; Fast Attenuators; and AO Q-Switches.
Please visit us at the upcoming Optical Fiber Communication (OFC) Conference in Los Angeles Convention Center; we are in Booth Number 3650. Or, for more information or custom designs and OEM arrangements please contact: Jan Kasprzak via e-mail at or phone at 443-417-8439.


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