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ID Photonics enhances IQ Multi-Format Transmitter to 40GHz Bandwidth supporting 64GBaud Applications


15 March 2016

David Stahl
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ID Photonics enhances IQ Multi-Format Transmitter to 40GHz Bandwidth supporting 64GBaud Applications

Neubiberg, Germany – ID Photonics, a leading test and measurement provider for coherent transmission system solutions, enhances its IQ Multi-Format Transmitter RF bandwidth to more than 40GHz.

The IQ Multi-Format Transmitter is a fully integrated laboratory optical transmitter enabling researchers to generate coherent modulated signals at symbol rate up to 64GBaud. The integration of transmitter calibration data into Keysights M819 AWG portfolio yields unparalleled system performance enabling the generation of 64Gbaud multi-level constellations.

The unit features our proven pattern independent Automatic Bias Control (ABC) that achieves optimal performance irrespective of modulation formats enabled by our unique zero noise feature. Researchers can seamlessly change modulation formats and symbol rates without any concerns for maintaining the modulators bias stability supporting automated impairment and stress testing for reduced product development cycles.

"ID Photonics is dedicated to providing the highest performance test instrumentation to our customers for the development of next generation transmission systems. The significant bandwidth enhancement of our Multi-Format transmitter allows researchers to unleash the full potential of latest Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG) instruments available. High Fidelity Constellations at up to 64GBaud can only be achieved if proper matching of both electrical signal source and E/O converter is achieved. By providing calibration files that can be seamlessly integrated into Keysights latest AWG product line, we have the unique capability to generate these high fidelity signals." said David Stahl, General Manager of ID Photonics.

The IQ Multi-Format Transmitter is commercially available immediately. It is available in multiple configurations, including full-dual polarization, emulated dual polarization and single polarization.
The unit will be on display from March 22 to 24th at the OFC 2016 exhibition in Anaheim, booth #3102. A live demonstration using a Keysight AWG signal source is held at booth #2901.
About ID Photonics
ID Photonics is a manufacturer of test and measurement instruments that pioneers coherent transmission solutions for next generation transmission technologies by complementing its CoBrite tunable laser platform with high speed Arbitrary Waveform Generators (AWG) and Optical Multi-Format Transmitters (OMFT) through its partnership with the Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz-Institute in Berlin, Germany, supporting turnkey ready research systems for Multi Terabit capacity systems.

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