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26 March 2024



Advanced Micro Foundry Unveils SiPhab 4.5: Empowering 800G & 1.6T Communication with Next-Generation PDK

SINGAPORE, March 26, 2024 – Advanced Micro Foundry (AMF), announces the launch of its latest Process Development Kit (PDK) – SiPhab 4.5. Combining AMF's Silicon Photonics (Si Ph) technology leadership with the needs of high-speed data center interconnects, SiPhab 4.5 represents a leap in Silicon Photonics design.

In a bid to accelerate Si Ph adoption and improve development efficiency, AMF incorporates industry feedback, issuing bi-annual updates to its PDK. These updates include enhancements to the design of key devices such as high-speed modulators, photodetectors, micro-rings and couplers.

SiPhab 4.5 provides designers with a diverse array of high-speed devices, enabling the creation of 200G/lane designs for 800G and 1.6T applications. Among these devices, the latest 40GHz differential modulator stands out prominently. This version also introduces enhancements to bandwidth-enhanced SPP modulators, bi-directional monitor photodetectors, high-power photodetectors, multi-layer nitride edge couplers, and grating couplers tailored individually for O and C bands.

“With continuous improvements in our device portfolio, SiPhab 4.5 empowers designers to tackle new challenges in the Telecom, LiDAR, and Datacom sectors" stated Dr. Patrick Lo, Chief Technology Officer at AMF.

AMF’s CEO, Mr. Jagadish CV shared "More and more customers are adopting our PDK for new tape outs. We are committed to making AMF the premier technology and manufacturing choice to address evolving market needs in connectivity, computing and sensing."

The new release also brings upgrades for LiDAR designers, featuring advanced editions of 2D Optical Phased Array and Coherent receivers. SiPhab 4.5 is interoperable with leading Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools and is readily available for distribution to AMF’s customers.

The devices within SiPhab 4.5 are equipped with foundry statistical process control (SPC), reliability validation, streamlining qualification process for designers. This assurance of consistency and dependability ensures smoother deployment of AMF’s Silicon Photonics solutions.

For further details on PDK devices and specifications, reach out to AMF's sales team at sales@advmf.com.

About Advanced Micro Foundry

Advanced Micro Foundry (AMF) is the world’s first specialty Silicon Photonics foundry based in Singapore. A Pioneer in Silicon Photonics technology, the company offers manufacturing, prototyping & testing services on technology platforms developed and manufactured from its facility in Singapore. The state of art technology platforms benefits from its proprietary application driven PDK strategically tailored for Telecom, Data Centres, LiDAR, and sensor products. AMF’s focus on advancing technology while delivering quality services in volumes has played a pivotal role in seamless scaling of multiple Silicon Photonics products.

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