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26 March 2024



Acacia Introduces 800ZR and 800G ZR+ with Interoperable PCS in QSFP-DD and OSFP

Enables 800G Standards-Based Interconnects Between Data Centers in Metro and Regional Networks

With data center bandwidth continuing to grow rapidly, high-performance pluggable modules have become an important tool for network operators to cost-efficiently scale their networks. Acacia has worked closely with network operators to drive the industry’s first interoperable Probabilistic Constellation Shaped (PCS) interfaces. Acacia’s newest portfolio of silicon-based 800G coherent pluggables has been designed to provide double the connectivity speed from 400G to 800G to support data center interconnect (DCI) upgrades, taking advantage of next-generation routers with 800G I/O port speeds. When plugged into these routers, this family of 800G pluggables can replace traditional transport equipment across a greater range of infrastructure to meet demand for cloud and AI.

OIF Compliant 800ZR Modules

OIF compliant 400ZR has been a great success for the coherent pluggable industry with multiple suppliers and tremendous volume of 400ZR QSFP-DD and OSFP modules deployed in metro DCI applications. With the switch and router 800G ports available, 800ZR will further reduce the cost, power, and space per 100G in the same applications. Acacia’s 800ZR pluggables support QSFP-DD and OSFP form factors fully compliant to OIF 800ZR with transmit power variants.

Acacia Delphi DSP-based coherent pluggable modules

800G ZR+ Modules with Interoperable PCS

Acacia’s 800G ZR+ modules are designed to support the recently released OpenROADM specifications that include interoperable PCS transmission capability. The 131Gbaud PCS provides additional OSNR margin at 800G for longer reach suitable for regional DCI applications, linking multiple fiber spans and in-line amplification between data centers. Acacia 800G ZR+ pluggables support QSFP-DD and OSFP form factors with >1dBm transmit output power.

“The success of ZR+ at 400G was largely driven by its performance and interoperability, which enabled a multi-source environment to emerge,” said Scott Wilkinson, Lead Analyst for Optical Components at Cignal AI. “The interoperability now being proposed with 800G - not only in short distance applications (800ZR), but also in long distance (800G ZR+​) - expands the environment even further. Interoperable PCS will take the market for 800G pluggables beyond simple DCI into regional and even long-haul networks.”

400G QSFP-DD Module for Ultra Long-haul

Expanding Bright 400ZR+ module applications, Acacia has also added a new QSFP-DD for 400G ultra long-haul networks that includes 400G QPSK and PCS with various baud rates to fit into different ROADM optical line systems. It is capable of >1dBm transmit power and high transmit OSNR over the entire C-band thanks to the integrated tunable optical filter for amplified spontaneous emission reduction.

Backed by Industry Leading Coherent Technology

Both the 800G pluggable portfolio and 400G ultra long haul pluggable are powered by Delphi, Acacia’s 9th generation Digital Signal Processor (DSP) ASIC. Acacia boasts the broadest field-proven 400G MSA coherent pluggable portfolio in the industry with more than 250,000 ports shipped based on the Greylock DSP, including more than 10,000 Bright 400ZR+ ports. Acacia’s 800G and 400G pluggable portfolios benefit from Acacia’s 3D Siliconization approach, which applies integration and 3D stacking techniques to enable a single packaged device that includes all the high-speed opto-electronic functions necessary for coherent communications to provide benefits in cost, reliability, power, and size. These devices are manufactured using standard electronics packaging processes and result in improved signal integrity and performance through the reduction of electrical interconnects.

The Delphi DSP-based pluggable modules are planned to be available beginning in Q2 CY2024.

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