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Experimental Verification of 64-Gbd/64-QAM Interworking of Probabilistic Shaping With a Digital Resolution Enhancer (W6A.47)

Presenter: Mahmood Aburomoh, Aston University

We present an experimental study of probabilistic constellation shaping gains in low resolution digital-to-analogue converter based transceivers, which utilizes digital resolution enhancement. A SNR gain of 0.65dB for optimized probabilistic shaping factors can be achieved

Authors:Mahmood Aburomoh, Aston University / Tu Nguyen, Aston University / Pavel Skvortcov, Aston University / Yaron Yoffe, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev / Ian Phillips, Aston University / Tomislav Drenski, Socionext Europe GmbH / Wladek Forysiak, Aston University

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