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Impact of Chromatic Dispersion in Discrete Raman Amplifiers on Coherent Transmission Systems (Th1A.14)

Presenter: Pratim Hazarika, Aston University

The impact of chromatic dispersion in discrete Raman amplifiers on coherent transmission systems was investigated. Systems with positive dispersion gain fibre show a SNR improvement of ~1.8 dB for 23-GBaud DP-QPSK signals transmitted over >1800km.

Authors:Pratim Hazarika, Aston University / Mahmood Abu-Romoh, Aston University / Mingming Tan, Aston University / Lukasz Krzczanowicz, Aston University / Tu T. Nguyen, Aston University / Md Asif Iqbal, Aston University / Ian Philips, Aston University / Paul Harper, Aston University / Ming-Jun Li, Corning Incorporated / Wladek Forysiak, Aston University

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