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High Radix SOA-Based Lossless Optical Switch Prototyping for 25 GBaud PAM4 Transmission in Modern Intra-Datacenter Applications (W6A.26)

Presenter: Hassan Mojaver, McGill University

In a development towards high-radix datacenter networks, we demonstrate 25 GBaud PAM4 transmission through a three-stage 8 × 8 SOA-based lossless optical switch, implemented as a monolithic photonic integrated circuit in indium phosphide.

Authors:Hassan Mojaver, McGill University / Shanglin Li, McGill University / Valery Tolstikhin, Intengent, Inc. / Kin-Wai Leong, Rockport Networks, Inc. / Odile Liboiron-Ladouceur, McGill University

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