The Optical Networking and Communication
Conference & Exhibition

San Diego Convention Center,
San Diego, California, USA

Program & Speakers


View the OFC Plenary Session — featuring Urs Hölzle, Meint K. Smit and Mischa Dohler.

OFC, The Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exhibition, is the premier international event for the latest advances in optical communications and networking.

A High-Quality Technical Program

  • Covers recent progress in research (near- and long-term) and technology
  • Features invited presentations by experts in the field
  • Includes peer-reviewed technical presentations
  • Hear from luminaries in industry and academia
  • Presented in a variety of formats
    • 1 hour in-depth tutorials
    • Interactive workshops
    • Panel discussions
    • Half-day short courses (separate fee required)
    • In-depth symposia on hot topics

Comprehensive Peer Reviewed Presentations in Key Topic Areas

  • Active optical devices and photonic integrated circuits
  • Advances in deployable optical components, fibers and field installation equipment
  • Advances in deployable subsystems and systems
  • Advanced in deployable networks and their applications
  • Digital and electronic subsystems
  • Digital transmission systems
  • Control and management of multilayer networks
  • Fiber and propagation physics
  • Fiber-optic and waveguide devices and sensors
  • Network architectures and techno-economics 
  • Optical access networks for fixed  and mobile services
  • Optical, photonic and microwave photonic subsystems
  • Optical devices, subsystems and networks for Datacom and Computercom
  • Passive optical devices and circuits for switching and filtering
  • Radio-over-fiber, free-space optics and sensing systems

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