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2017 Workshops

2017 Workshops

OFC Workshops provide opportunities to discuss and debate the latest technologies.

Workshop topics are controversial in nature and meant to be highly interactive, amongst both the speakers and the audience. The format of each session is determined by the organizers. In the past, many workshops have consisted of a series of short presentations (5 to 10 minutes) from people involved in the field followed by a panel discussion driven by questions from the audience.

The workshops provide an interactive learning environment and are open to all conference registrants. Like invited and tutorial speakers, workshop topics and organizers are chosen through a highly selective nominations process.


III-V + Silicon: To Integrate or to Co-package?
Organizers: Mike Larson, Lumentum, USA; Anders Larsson, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden; Bert Offrein, IBM, Switzerland
Capacity Crunch: When, Where and What Can Be Done?
Organizers: Dmitri Foursa, TE Subcom, USA; Qunbi Zhuge, Ciena Corporation, Canada; David Millar, Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs, USA
Connected OFCity Challenge: Optical Innovations for Future Services in a Smart City
Organizers: Jun Shan Wey, ZTE, USA; Denis Khotimsky, Verizon, USA; Domaniç Lavery, University College London, UK
Frequency Combs for Communications - Real Potential or Hype?
Organizers: Toshihiko Hirooka, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan; Christian Koos, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany; Michael Vasilyev, University of Texas at Arlington, USA
Making the Case for SDM in 2027
Organizers: Cristian Antonelli, Università degli Studi dell’Aquila, Italy; Yoshinari Awaji, National Inst of Information & Communications Technology, Japan; Nicolas Fontaine, Nokia Bell Labs, USA; Sheryl Woodward, AT&T, USA
Optical Wireless – Can it Become a Gigabit Wireless Alternative?  Capabilities, Opportunities, Challenges and Threats
Organizers: Ton Koonen, Einhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands; Volker Jungnickel, Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz Institute, Germany; Thas Nirmalathas, University of Melbourne, Australia
Processors and Switches with Integrated Optical Engines – Researchers’ Dream or a Commercial Reality Soon?
Organizers: Dominic Goodwill, Huawei Technologies Canada Co Ltd, Canada; Ken Morito, Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd., Japan; Sam Palermo, Texas A&M University, USA; Thomas Schrans, Rockley Photonics, USA
Scaling Datacenter Bandwidth: Novel Optics, Advanced Electronics or New Architectures?
Organizers: Piero Gambini, STMicroelectronics, Italy; Ming-Jun Li, Corning, USA; Ilya Lyubomirsky, Facebook, USA
White Box Optics: Will it Kill or Encourage Innovations?
Organizers: Chongjin Xie, Alibaba Group, USA; Filippo Cugini, CNIT, Italy; David Boertjes, Ciena, Canada
Will Machine Learning and Big-data Analytics Relieve us From the Complexity of System and Network Engineering?
Organizers: Sethumadhavan Chandrasekhar, Nokia Bell Labs, USA; Neil Guerrero Gonzalez,  Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia; Massimo Tornatore, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

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