2017 Optical Networking and Communication
Conference & Exhibition

Los Angeles Convention Center,
Los Angeles, California, USA

Short Courses

SC369 - Test and Measurement of Complex Modulated Optical Signals

Monday, 21 March
13:30 - 16:30

Short Course Level: Advanced Beginner


Bernd Nebendahl, Michael Koenigsmann; Keysight , Germany

Short Course Description:

This course will provide solid understanding how complex modulated optical signals are created and how the signal quality of complex modulated signals with an emphasis to widely used real time detection can be quantified. A significant part of the course explains how to improve the transmitter signal quality if given constellation diagram distortions are observed. By understanding the concept of EVM and its relation to BER, SNR, and Q factor engineers and decision makers will get a profound knowledge base to decide for the best test strategy for their characterization applications.

Short Course Benefits:

Attendees of this course will be able to:

  • Compare the quality of various transmitters through the use of EVM  measurements

  • Determine the relationships between EVM, BER, and Q-factor

  • Compare the different techniques used for complex modulation analysis and determine which provide optimum results for a given measurement scenario

  • Relate details of constellation diagrams to specific device and/or measurement system impairments

  • Identify the root causes of measurement degradation and uncertainty

  • Develop test strategies to validate the accuracy of test results

Short Course Audience:

This short course is intended for engineers who start to work or already have experience in manufacturing and development of transmitters, links and receivers operating with complex modulated signals. Attendees should be aware of basic concepts of optical transmission and polarization of light. Research and manufacturing managers as well as technical buyers will get a profound background in order to make optimal decision for their test and measurement needs. Students will extend their knowledge in complex signal analysis to setup optimal test concepts.

Instructor Biography:

 Bernd Nebendahl
 Project Lead, Keysight Technologies

Bernd is currently with Keysight Technologies, formerly Agilent Technologies which he joined 2000 as Engineer of the Optical Communication Measurement Division. Bernd has worked in various R&D projects, including tunable external cavity lasers, optical attenuators, coherent optical all parameter testers, distributed temperature sensing and the optical modulation analyzer in positions from optics designer to project lead. He currently focuses on all topics around coherent transmission.
 Bernd received a diploma and a PhD in physics, both from University of Stuttgart.

Michael Koenigsmann

Michael Koenigsmann joined Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent Technologies/Hewlett Packard) in 1996 as an Application Engineer for RF/µWave products in Agilent’s/HP’s Electronic Test & Measurement Business.

During his 20 years with Keysight Technologies he held various positions in Sales, Product Support, R&D and Product Marketing.

He is now working in Product Marketing for Keysight Technologies’ Digital & Photonic Test Division focusing on applications for the Optical Modulation Analyzer and High-Speed Arbitrary Waveform Generator product portfolios in Coherent Optical Communications.
Michael studied Electrical Engineering, specializing in Communication Engineering and Microwave Technology. He holds a degree in Communication Engineering from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Dortmund.

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