Unleash the Power of 400G Everywhere

Thursday, 10 June 10:30 – 11:00

Nokia: The 400G era brings with it a proliferation of interface types – from 400ZR and ZR+ in router-friendly form factors, to higher performing interfaces such as CFP2 multi-haul and embedded modules delivering 400G at any distance. At Nokia, we call this 400G Everywhere, and it’s poised to transform networks for years to come. But despite all the hype, questions remain. What interfaces types, and what network architectures deliver the lowest cost per bit and highest performance over various network applications, from metro to long haul?  Will the performance of 400G DCO’s be sufficient to replace embedded optical interfaces?  

Two Nokia papers accepted by OFC 2021 shed some light on these questions:  “Comparing IP-Optical Architectures & WDM Transport Technologies in Metro, Regional and Long-Haul Networks” and “20.8 Tb/s Transmission over 1200 km Using G654E Fibers, Hybrid Amplification and 400 Gb/s CFP2-DCO Interfaces”.

Please join our technology showcase, where we’ll explain how their results can inform your decisions as you design next generation 400G networks, and how Nokia 400G Everywhere represents the most diverse and complete coherent product portfolio, from Nokia’s 1830 family optical transport systems, to the 7750 family of service routers, to Nokia’s WaveFabric Elements pluggable coherent DCO portfolio.