Leveraging QSFP-DD and ZR/ZR+ in Networking Platforms

Monday, 07 June 15:30 – 16:00

Juniper Networks: Support for 400G services on fixed, high-capacity, high-density routing and switching platforms is quickly growing in availability. Still reeling from the unprecedented impact of a global pandemic to operator networks, and faced with the demands of emerging 5G, IoT, and low latency edge service, operators who relatively recently felt that 10GE would be the norm and 100GE the exception in their networks are increasingly envision applications for 400G. Fueled by the QSFP-DD formfactor that occupy the same physical faceplate space as a 100G QSPF28 interface, combined with the incredible flexibility and improved economics of coherent ZR and ZR+ pluggable technology, the adoption and application of 400G services appears to be outpacing the introduction of 100GE. Learn why network equipment suppliers like Juniper Network are broadly integrating QSFP-DD and ZR/ZR+ technologies across their portfolio and how they promise to bring new architectural efficiencies, opportunities, and savings to a variety of use cases and applications.