Guaranteed Network Service Levels with Paragon Active Assurance

Monday, 07 June 16:30 – 17:00

Juniper Networks: Do you often wonder if network configuration changes have impacted your customers’ service experience?  Paragon Active Assurance inherently provides a uniform solution across all transport domains including wireless access, the branch office edge, SD-WAN, WAN, data centers and public clouds. It assures that on-demand services are always validated for high performance upon creation and throughout the entire service lifecycle. It forms the foundation of an automated solution for closed-loop assurance and self-healing across network domains. Paragon Active Assurance empowers your network engineers with visibility into the actual service quality your network is delivering from L2 to L7, allowing quick problem identification and mitigation before they can impact services and customer experience.  
If your customers are the ones finding network problems or if you’re seeking better ways to identify and mitigate network issues, please join us to learn: 

  • What can be done about the biggest pain point in network management today.
  • Why Paragon Active Assurance delivers unprecedented visibility to quickly identify issues in even the most complex networks.
  • How to cost effectively and automatically deploy and leverage Active Assurance within your network.