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About Us

Teem Photonics offers glass-based Photonic Integrated Circuits (also called PLC) based on its reliable, versatile and cost-effective ioNext platform to a worldwide customer base active in Datacom & Telecom, Integrated Sensing, Biomedical, Autonomous Vehicle, Energy, Defense & Space…

Teem’s specific ion-exchange process enables robust manufacturing of passive PICs in a record turnaround time of 4 weeks. These can be tailored into customer-defined photonic circuits or into innovative solutions for semiconductor PIC packaging. Our on-chip optical functions can be combined to perfectly fit our clients' requests over the whole transparency range of glass (400 – 2000 nm), while we accompany them from their basic PIC concept down to pigtailing and packaging.

Tell us your needs and we'll show how a little piece of glass can change everything.


Product Showcase

Customized PIC/PLC foundry
EC-WAFT interposer for PIC packaging
EV-WAFT for PIC packaging
TC-WAFT for PIC packaging



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61 chemin du Vieux Chene
Meylan, 38240, FR

Adrien Billat
Sales and Application Manager