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About Us

Synopsys, Inc. is the Silicon to Software™ partner for innovative companies developing the electronic products and software applications we rely on every day. As an S&P 500 company, Synopsys has a long history of being a global leader in electronic design automation (EDA) and semiconductor IP and offers the industry’s broadest portfolio of application security testing tools and services. Whether you're a system-on-chip (SoC) designer creating advanced semiconductors, or a software developer writing more secure, high-quality code, Synopsys has the solutions needed to deliver innovative products.

Synopsys offers a complete platform to design and manufacture photonic devices, systems, and integrated circuits, as well as high-quality, silicon-proven IP solutions for SoC designs. We accelerate innovations for optical datacom, 5G, radio-over-fiber networks, microwave photonics, cloud computing, AR/VR, silicon photonics, and more.


Product Showcase

DesignWare 112G Ethernet IP
OptoCompiler, OptSim Elite, Photonic Device Compiler
Photonic System Design: OptSim & ModeSYS
RSoft Photonic Device Tools & Sentaurus TCAD


Exhibitor Events

Thursday, 17:00 - 17:30 PDT (UTC-07:00)
Synopsys Photonic IC Platform: Enabling Seamless Design of Optical Communications, Sensing, and Bio-Photonics Products



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690 E Middlefield Rd
Mountain View, CA 94043-4010, USA

Joanna Harbolic
Business Development Manager, RSoft Photonic Device Tools
Madhumita Sanyal
Technical Marketing Manager, High-Speed SerDes PHY IP
Aura Higuera
Business Development Manager, Photonic Solutions
Niek Nijenhuis
Business Development Manager, Photonic Solutions
Priyank Shukla
Product Marketing Manager, High-Speed SerDes PHY IP
Robert van der Veer
Business Development, Photonic Solutions