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SMART Photonics, located at the heart of Brainport Eindhoven, The Netherlands, is an independent foundry offering production services for mainly indium phosphide based photonic integrated circuits. In this high-tech environment, the company currently employs 110 people from over 25 nationalities, working on the innovative manufacturing and integration technologies for photonics.

As an independent pure-play foundry, it manufactures these photonic integrated circuits based on the custom chip designs of their customers.

Indium phosphide chips are proving to be the best choice in many applications, ranging from next generation low-power consumption data centers to a variety of sensing applications for structural monitoring and medical diagnostics. Integrated photonics also plays an increasingly important role in the aircraft industry, air quality monitoring, autonomous driving and in ultra-secure cryptography.

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High Tech Campus 29
Eindhoven, Noord Brabant 5656 AE, NL

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