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About Us

Ranovus, with operations in Ottawa, Nuremberg, and Sunnyvale, develops and manufactures advanced photonics interconnect solutions to support the next generation of AI/ML workloads.  Ranovus’ disruptive portfolio includes Quantum Dot Multi-Wavelength Laser and advanced digital and silicon photonics integrated circuit technologies setting a new industry benchmark for the lowest power, size, and cost for the next generation of optical interconnect solutions.

In 2020, Ranovus launched Odin™, its next generation monolithic EPIC and laser platform for multi-terabit Co-Packaged Optics (CPO) applications enabling low latency, high density, protocol agnostic monolithic photonic engine which enables a new data centre architecture optimized for AI/ML workloads.





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11 Hines Rd
STE 101
Ottawa, Ontario, CA