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Electron Beam Lithography for DFB laser manufacturing

Electron Beam Lithography has proven to be a perfect manufacturing method to realize complex DFB laser diode structures containing single or multiple phase shifts, continuously varying line widths or chirped gratings. Raith’s VOYAGER and EBPG series offer a solution to tackle the challenges DFB laser makers are usually facing.

As a market leader for Gaussian Beam systems hundreds of Raith EBL machines are installed in the field, with many of them operating 24/7 in industrial environments. The EBPG series eliminates all operator interference from wafer loading to unloading. With the fully automated processing, repeatable and accurate results can be achieved.
Speed and precision are two advantages that come with Raith’s unique Modulated Beam Moving Stage Technology (MBMS). MBMS enables the writing of stitch-free, strip-shaped periodic structures while maximizing throughput and minimizing overhead. The level of pitch control accuracy is in the range of ~ 0.01 nm.

Raith’s VOYAGER and EBPG series are both equipped with everything you need for the development, prototyping and manufacturing of DFB lasers or other telecom devices. Visit our virtual booth #1225 to find out how we can help with your production and development needs.


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High Fidelity Lithography to fabricate your DFB lasers



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