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Headquartered in Shanghai (China), PHIC is a fabless IC design company, targetting high speed 4x10G/1x25G/4x25G VCSEL Driver/TIA(TransImpedance Amplifier) and 1x25G DML Driver for DCI/5G optical transceiver and AOCs, also PHIC offers innovative chips of linear redriver for 25G/100G/50G/200G ACC (Active Copper Cable) solution, which extends the range of DAC to 9m(NRZ) and 5m(PAM4)


Product Showcase

3D Time of Flight (ToF) Laser VCSEL Driver
4x10G/1x25G/4x25G VCSEL Driver/TIA
5G Fronthaul:25G DML Driver; 14G PAM4 Gearbox
Linear Redriver for Active Copper Cable

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Room 706, Building Y1, Pudong Software Park,112 Liangxiu Rd., Shanghai, P.R.C 201203
shanghai, 201203, CN

Zhibin Li
Sales & Marketing Director (HSPL)
Demi Yi
Field Application Engineer
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