About Us

NeoPhotonics is a leading developer and manufacturer of ultra-pure light lasers and optoelectronic products that transmit, receive and switch the highest speed over distance digital optical signals for Cloud and hyper-scale data center internet content provider and telecom networks. This is key to continuing to manage the explosive data traffic growth in Cloud and hyper-scale data centers.

We specialize in products that operate at the highest speed over distance to 400Gbps and beyond data rates that enable networks to be optimized for maximum capacity per fiber. Our products have the speed, size, low power consumption and interoperability to directly transmit data using industry standard Internet Protocol coding, or IP over DWDM wavelengths, greatly simplifying data networks.

We are the world’s primary supplier of tunable lasers that emit the ultra-pure light that is required for the highest speed over distance fiber optic communications links.  NeoPhotonics has shipped a cumulative total of more than two million of these industry-leading ultra-narrow linewidth tunable lasers since initiating shipments in 2011.  Over the past decade we have been first to deliver commercial mass production volumes of coherent optical components for each of the speed advances as maximum speeds per wavelength, or color, have advanced from 100G to 200G, 400G, 600G and now 800G.

We forward integrate our lasers and our high performance coherent optical components into transmit/receive modules, or transceivers. Our recently introduced 400ZR and 400ZR+ pluggable transceiver modules enable new, lower cost network architectures using IP over DWDM protocols that addresses a new, rapidly expanding market segment.  Such modules can replace a chassis-based line card with the same form factor as a pluggable client side transceiver, so that interconnects between data centers can be as simple as interconnects within a data center.  Our high speed transceiver modules drive down costs, extend reach and directly interconnect with switches and routers.

NeoPhotonics maintains headquarters in San Jose, California and ISO 9001:2015 certified engineering and manufacturing facilities in Silicon Valley (USA), Japan and Shenzhen, China.


Product Showcase

400 ZR/ZR+ QSFP-DD Coherent Transceiver
400G Multi-Rate CFP2-DCO Coherent Transceiver
An Ultra Narrow Linewidth, Small Form Factor Nano-ITLA
Class 40 (64 Gbaud) and Class 60 (96 Gbaud) Coherent Driver Modulator (CDM)
Class 40 (64 Gbaud) and Class 60 (96 Gbaud) Micro-Coherent Receiver
Coherent 3D Sensing Solutions
Fixed wavelength lasers and high-speed driver ICs
MUX/DMUX Arrayed Waveguide Grating Shelf (64 Channels, 75 GHz Channel Spacing) for 400ZR




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