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MultiLane Inc. is a leading provider of High-Speed IO and Data Center Interconnect test solutions. Products include BERTs, TDR, optical and electrical oscilloscopes, optical switch boxes, and a host of MSA-compliant development tools for QSFP28, QSFP-DD, OSFP, and other standards. MultiLane’s products are used to test semiconductors, DACs, AOCs, optical transceivers, and system switch cards. MultiLane also offers compliance test services and fully automated, turn-key test solutions. In addition, MultiLane develops high speed ATE modules that fit in wafer-scale automated test systems such as Advantest’s V93K platform.


Product Showcase

ML4035 TDR/Cable Tester
ML4054B 400G BERT/CMIS Transceiver Tester
ML4062-LB-112 QSFP-DD800 Loopback
ML4062-MCB-112 QSFP-DD800 MCB
ML4079EN 800G BERT with Crosstalk Noise
ML7007 Automated Transceiver Tester




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VP of Marketing
Hani Daou
Sr. Applications Engineer
Vincent Leuzze
Field Applications Engineer
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VP of Sales
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Sr. Field Applications Engineer
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Product Line Manager
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