MPB Communications, Inc.

MPB Communications, Inc.

About Us

MPBC was founded in 1976 as a spin-off of RCA Canada’s Research and Development Laboratories. We entered the niche market of telecommunications in the early 1990s when we developed and produced the undersea branching multiplexers for the trans-Atlantic cable TAT-9; the first commercial trans-Atlantic optical fiber system between North America and Europe that provided undersea switching between its five landing points.

Today, MPBC is a leading supplier of innovative, high-performance fiber amplifier subsystems that extend the reach of optical fiber spans. Our patented Super Raman technology is recognized throughout the industry as a key enabling technology that appreciably augments the distance and channel counts of unrepeatered systems.

More recently, we have moved our Telecommunications know-how from undersea to land  and to space with the commercial launch of amplification systems for satellite communications.

 MPBC’s R&D and manufacturing facilities are headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Our technological leadership is ensured by continuously evolving our product offerings in concert with changing market requirements, allowing us to provide our customers with leading-edge customized solutions.


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DWDM CombSources
Eco DCI - Data Centre Interconnect Line System
Gain Modules
Network-Ready Telecom Solutions




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