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KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES America, Inc., or KGS America (formerly known as Intermark USA), was established in 1990 as the USA sales operations for KITAGAWA Industries Co., LTD.

KGS America’s product line includes of EMC solutions (including but not limited to EMI absorbers, ferrite cores, shielding components, and grounding parts), thermal interface materials, vibration and shock management gels, and plastic components.

Our sales office today is located in the heart of Silicon Valley in California. KGS America supports all customers located in North America and South America out of the San Jose office.


Product Showcase

Electromagnetic Wave Absorber: NSSR Series
On-board Grounding Contacts (SMT Type)
Silver-Copper Conductive Silicone: CS-SC series
Thermal Interface Material: CPVP-F Series

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Mailing Address
2860 Zanker Road, Suite # 102
San Jose, CA 95134, USA

Kyoko Makishi
Business Development Manager
Linh Chung
Business Development Senior Sales Executive