Domaille Engineering, LLC

Domaille Engineering, LLC

About Us

Founded in 1990 by Nancy and Mike Domaille, Domaille Engineering rapidly emerged as a leader in ultra-precision machining and metrology which eventually led to the design and development of high precision optical fiber polishing machines and fixtures.

Today, Domaille Engineering is a worldwide leader for fiber optic polishing equipment. Our ultra-precision polishing machines and fixtures have the highest production yields in the industry, including MT and MPO connectors. Our patented ABRASAVE™ fixture line takes up to 50% less polishing time and doubles polishing film life.

Domaille Engineering’s mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality solution through the innovative use of technology that allows our customers to gain a competitive edge.

Visit our virtual booth at OFC 2021 to learn about our entire Fiber Optic product line, including Polishing Machines, OptiSaber® Laser Cleavers, Polishing Fixtures, OptiSpec® Microscopes, Curing Ovens, Air Cleanse System and DE Data Link.


Product Showcase

AbraSave® MT-EZR Fixture Line
AbraSave® SC APC Polishing Fixture
APM-HDC-5400 Optical Fiber Polishing Machine
DE Micro-G Precision Polishing System




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7100 Dresser Drive NE
Rochester, Minnesota 55906, USA

Jill Christie
Fiber Optic Equipment Sales Manager
Paul Fishbaugher
Fiber Optic Equipment Product Manager