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Axetris serves OEM customers with micro-optical components and micro technology based (MEMS) infrared light sources, laser gas sensors, gas flow sensors & controllers used in industrial, telecom, environmental, medical and automotive applications.

Axetris produces a wide range of micro-optics products – from refractive micro-optic lenses and lens arrays to diffractive optical elements in silicon and fused silica – covering the entire wavelength range from UV to mid IR. Axetris serves customers from various industries such as telecommunications, optical sensing, metrology, laser systems, 3D photography and medical applications. Standard micro-optics products include fast and slow axis collimators for high power laser diode bars, fiber micro-lens arrays and aspheric micro-lenses and arrays for edge emitting laser diodes and VCSEL. Our engineering and manufacturing teams combine broad experience in simulation, design, manufacturing and metrology for refractive and diffractive optics. Our optics engineering and manufacturing team will support you from prototyping to volume production helping you to meet your specific design goals.

In the telecommunications industry, Axetris' aspherical and spherical microlenses and lens arrays are used in high speed components requiring very high coupling efficiency, such as WSS, Coherent - ICRs, ACOs, Modulators, µITLAs and TOSAs & ROSAs for 100G/400G/800G components and modules.

Axetris operates its own 6” to 8” wafer MEMS foundry in Central Switzerland where our customers benefit from excellent product value, consistent high product quality and outstanding customer support.

Further capabilities

  • Metallization and solder pads
  • Alignment marks
  • Double-sided processing
  • Mechanical or DRIE structures


Product Showcase

COBO & Co-packaged Optics – additional assembly features
Connector – FS lenses
ROSA 1x4 lenses
Specialties – pads, bonding, DRIE
TOSA – single lenses
WSS – big array



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Business Development Manager Micro-Optics North America
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Sales Engieer Micro-Optics China
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Sales Manager Micro-Optics Europe & Middle East
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Sales Engineer Micro-Optics Japan
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