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About Us

AMOTECH Co., Ltd. is in pursuit of becoming the “global leader in IT, energy and environmental technology based on Advanced Materials”.

The future leadership of the industry will be directly commensurate with the quality of the materials developed, Amotech makes every effort to ensure the spirit of “World First, World Best” is found in each and every product in the portfolio.

Amotech offers a diverse array of world class products for the lightwave market, such as Broadband DC Blocks for signal integrity, low ESL Capacitors for power integrity, Energy Storage Systems for datacenter backup and Thermal Interface Materials for thermal management.

For our customers, Amotech promises to create new markets and exceptional value by the continuous development of new materials and technological innovations to realize the full potential of the future.


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Jim Schoenduve
Senior Director, Business Development

Brian Lee
Director, Business Development