OFC Demo Zone Guidelines

Monday, 7 March 2022, 14:00–16:15
Room 6A 

The "OFC Demo Zone" features live demonstrations of research projects and proof-of-concept implementations in the space of optical communication devices, systems, and networks. Presenters are required to bring their materials to Room 6A before the session.

Additional Important Information

The following items will be provided to presenters at the OFC Demo Zone. Additional items are available at your own expense. OFC will not cover any additional expenses, and OFC is not responsible for lost or stolen presentation materials.

  • 8' Table
  • 8' x 4' Bulletin Board (vertical)
  • 32" Monitor
  • Shared Ethernet line with individual cables to each table
  • Power strip at each table
  • VGA adapters for screen connection (Note: if you are using a mac, you must bring your own adapter.)