The Optical Networking and Communication
Conference & Exhibition

Moscone Center,
San Francisco, California, USA

Which Device Technologies Will Get Us Beyond 400G?


Theodor Kupfer, Cisco Systems, USA
Hai-Feng Liu, HG Genuine, China
Reza Motaghian, Amazon, USA


The exponential growth of data center traffic continues to push for higher interconnection data rates to reduce the cost/bit and energy/bit.  Today, 400GBASE-DR4/FR4 and 400-ZR pluggable optical modules have already begun their deployment in intra and inter data center networks. As the next development target, 800 GbE and 1.6 TbE are under serious consideration, for which a number of optical technologies have been investigated as the potential candidates. 

This workshop will discuss different optical device technologies that can be the potential candidates for 200Gbps/lane in parallel and WDM short reach 800G IMDD systems and single carrier 600-800G coherent systems, which include, but not limited to, high speed EML and DML/DMT, high speed modulators based on SiPh, InP, thin film LiNbO3, and plasmonic, etc.  In addition, it will also look into the pros and cons of co-packaged optics using different architectures and optical technologies in comparison with pluggable optics and debate co-packaged optics deployment timelines and volume as well as potential platform interoperability challenges.

The workshop aims to provide a forum for speakers and audience to discuss and compare the achievable performance by different device technologies and technical challenges ahead as the potential solutions for both post 400G IMDD and coherent systems in terms of cost/form factor/power consumption/thermal stability/interoperability relative to current 400G products.

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