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San Diego Convention Center,
San Diego, California, USA

When Will We Need to Scale the Fiber Capacity? What is the Most Realistic Approach?

Sunday, March 11, 2018
4:00 PM - 6:30 PM

Event type: Workshop

Room number: 6E


Cristian Antonelli, Università dell 'Aquila, Italy; Takemi Hasegawa, Sumitomo, Japan; Ming-Jun Lin, Corning, USA; Antonio Napoli, Coriant, Germany


The demand for data traffic is increasing at a speed that by far exceeds the growth rates of aggregate WDM capacities, as well as that of router interfaces. In addition, the expected implementation of bandwidth-hungry transmission technologies, such as for example wireless 5G, will soon produce an unprecedented boost in traffic demand, to the extent that the need of new high-capacity networks will be more urgent than ever. Aim of this workshop is to debate on when and how the telecommunication industry will need to face the approaching capacity crunch, as well as to identify effective approaches to overcome the ultimate limitations imposed by the fiber-optic channel.
Three teams will propose distinct end-to-end optical system solutions, based on different transmission strategies. The first strategy relies on the use of advanced fibers, such as multi-core and multi-mode fibers. The second targets the utilization of the entire single-mode fiber bandwidth beyond C and L bands. The last one stems from the multi-fiber-based implementation of space-division multiplexing (SDM) which turned out to be the most attractive solution at OFC 2017 workshop “Making the case for SDM in 2027.”
Each team will propose a solution based on one of the aforementioned strategies, targeting specific application scenarios and identifying well-defined timelines for deployment. The three proposals will be evaluated by a jury, after a debate with the audience. The winning solution will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Does the proposed solution represent a valid business case?
  • Are the value propositions attractive?
  • Are the solution and the proposed time-frame realistic?
  • Will the required technology be ready on time?
  • What is the risk of the investment?


Team 1:
Nicolas Fontaine, Team Leader, Nokia Bell Labs, USA
Maxim Bolshtyansky, TE Subcom, USA
Xi Chen, Nokia Bell Labs, USA
Rodrigo Amezuca Corea, University of Central Florida, USA
David T. Neilson, Nokia Bell Labs, USA
Georg Rademacher, NiCT Japan

Team 2
Glenn Wellbrock, Team Leader, Verizon, USA
Periklis Petropoulos, University of Southampton, UK
Chris Towery, Corning, USA
Aono Yoshiaki

Team 3
Victor Lopez, Team Leader, Telefonica, Spain
Evgeny M. Dianov, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Wladek Forysiak, Aston Inst. of Photonic Technologies, UK
João Pedro, Coriant, USA
Christian Rasmussen, Acacia Inc., USA

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